Merge branch 'master' of
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / EVE / macros / visscan_init.C
2015-02-19 jniedzieSM checks if other SM processes are running. ED macros...
2014-11-24 ppillotfix muon geometry display
2013-12-11 Michal BrozRevert "Another histos for lumi"
2013-12-11 Michal BrozAnother histos for lumi
2013-10-16 hristovEvent server (Mihai)
2013-07-09 quarkAdded support to display the HLT ESD Tree. See the...
2013-07-05 quarkAdded ESDfriend Entry in Filedialog. Fix paths to filenames
2012-07-12 quarkFix when called from CINT
2012-06-19 quarkAdding ALICE specific implementation of Eve
2012-03-09 quarkChange to support compilation when ALICE_INSTALL is...
2010-10-04 pdebskiadded missing arguments for multiview
2010-08-27 mtadelFrom Stefano:
2010-05-27 mtadelFrom Stefano:
2010-05-11 mtadelFrom Stefano.
2010-01-25 mtadelMake sure that 3D view rotates around origin.
2010-01-11 mtadelFrom Philippe Pillot.
2009-12-17 mtadelFrom Mikolaj. One more function for drawing ITS stand...
2009-12-16 mtadelFrom Mikolaj.
2009-12-01 mtadelFrom Pawel Debski.
2009-11-25 mtadel* show_scan_results.C
2009-11-20 mtadelFrom Pawel Debski: more modes for VizDB.
2009-11-18 mtadelFrom Pawel Debski: further changes for VizDB.
2009-11-17 mtadelFrom Pawel Debski:
2009-11-11 mtadelUse bright color-set by default -- request by Jurgen.
2009-11-10 mtadel* visscan_init.C
2009-11-10 mtadelMove MultiView.C into EveBase class AliEveMultiView.
2009-11-09 mtadel* esd_tracks.C
2009-11-09 mtadel* AliEveTrack
2009-11-06 mtadelAlmost final version of scanning tools.
2009-11-06 mtadel* hmpid_digits.C, hmpid_raw.C
2009-10-27 mtadel* AliEveEventSelectorWindow
2009-10-13 mtadelAdd full support for SPD tracklets.
2009-09-24 mtadelModularize split-view (3d, r-phi, rho-z) setup from...
2009-09-24 mtadelRemove default OCDB location and exit with fatal error...
2009-09-18 mtadelAdd ITS digits / raw into the data-selection list ...
2009-08-25 mtadelAdd support for opening alien files directly from the...
2009-06-11 mtadelFrom Mikolaj: Implementation of event / trigger selecti...
2009-05-29 mtadel* AliEveEventManager - make sure each AOD friend is...
2009-05-05 mtadelFrom Ivana: generalize geom_gentle_muon.C macro thus...
2009-04-22 mtadelFrom Antonin:
2009-04-01 mtadelFrom Paraskevi Ganoti.
2009-02-09 mtadelAliEveMacro
2009-02-05 mtadel * init-macros
2009-01-22 mtadelFrom Bogdan:
2008-12-10 mtadelMerge the following revisions between 29371 and 30342...
2008-12-08 mtadelMerge rev 30296 from
2008-10-31 mtadelMerge rev 29644 from EVE-root-trunk branch.
2008-10-26 mtadelMerge from eve-dev.
2008-10-16 mtadelAliEveEventManager
2008-10-14 mtadelFirst pass of changes required for visualization of...
2008-09-18 mtadelesd_tracks.C
2008-09-17 mtadelanyscan_init.C, visscan_init.C
2008-09-15 mtadelanyscan_init.C
2008-08-29 mtadelMake separate, specialized geometries for RPhi and...
2008-08-13 mtadelPrototype for visualization-macro manager and gui.
2008-08-07 mtadelAliEveTrackCounter, AliEveTrackCounterEditor
2008-08-05 mtadelAliEveEventManager
2008-07-18 mtadelMore precise window title.
2008-07-16 mtadelSet title of the EVE main-window so that it shows event...
2008-07-10 mtadelkine_tracks.C
2008-07-02 mtadelMove initialization macros from alice-macros to macros.