correcting printf format specifiers
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / EVE /
2010-07-20 slindalWarning
2010-07-19 abercucifix warnings
2010-07-19 mtadelFix compilation warning about format args.
2010-07-13 abercucitake care of gGeoManager handling
2010-07-13 abercuci- rename macro to display TRD digits
2010-07-13 abercucifix TRD digits display
2010-07-13 abercucifix warnings
2010-07-08 abercucifixes for TRD digits visualization
2010-07-06 slindalRemoved HMPID from default geometry
2010-07-01 mtadelUse 1kHz sampling as default.
2010-06-30 mtadelFix compilation warning.
2010-06-29 mtadelFrom Stefano -- coding convention violation fixes.
2010-06-23 mtadelFrom Stefano:
2010-06-21 abercuciprotect against missing track pointers
2010-06-17 abercucithere have been some changes in the on-line tracklet...
2010-06-10 slindalRemoved muon for default running
2010-06-04 slindalfrom Indra: Muon display changes
2010-05-27 mtadelFrom Jens: add support for opening a zip file directly.
2010-05-27 mtadelFrom Stefano:
2010-05-26 cvetanFix for bug #65153.
2010-05-17 mtadelTGedFrame::GetLayoutHints() was removed in root trunk.
2010-05-17 cvetanUpdate of the 2d histograms from Stefano
2010-05-11 mtadelFrom Stefano: use clearer variable names for global...
2010-05-11 mtadelFrom Stefano.
2010-05-10 mtadelGive a more meaningfull name to the default 3D View.
2010-05-07 slindal-added AliHLTReconstructor object to online display...
2010-05-02 slindal-changed time between nextEvent calls in AliEveHOMERMan...
2010-04-27 estienneAmplitude of the EMCAL cells changed from Int_t to...
2010-04-22 mtadelFrom Jennifer - get geo-manager via AliEveEventManager...
2010-04-21 estienneWarning fixes from Magali
2010-04-20 estienneCoding convention fixes from Magali
2010-04-17 mtadelCoding convention fixes from Jennifer.
2010-04-12 hristovacorde_raw.C --> update of the macro used to visualize...
2010-04-09 mtadelGet selected digit via method, not direct member access...
2010-04-09 mtadelTEveVector is now a typedef -- replace forward declarat...
2010-04-08 slindalAdded event ID in filename of screen images
2010-04-08 slindalfixed warnings
2010-04-08 slindalAdded "Save Viewers" button and functionality to alihlteve
2010-04-01 mtadelFrom Mario:
2010-03-31 ppillotDisable MUON raw data display
2010-03-29 slindalfrom Indra: added library deps for muon display updates
2010-03-29 slindalRevert "from:Indra updated muon EVE code"
2010-03-29 ppillotIncrease transparency
2010-03-29 slindalfrom:Indra updated muon EVE code
2010-03-28 ppillotAdd MUON display
2010-03-28 ppillot- Unload Digits and RecPoints after reading
2010-03-25 hristovTechnical fix: possibility to use partial EMCAL geometry
2010-03-24 decaroBug fixed
2010-03-24 decaroCoding convention violations: fixed
2010-03-23 cvetanDisable the retrieval of dead modules in SDD and SSD...
2010-03-22 cvetanPHOS and TRD geometry as installed. Transparent TRD...
2010-03-18 cvetanTechnical hotfixes for the event display in ACR.
2010-03-17 mtadelMove sub-classes AliEveHOMERSourceMapByDet and
2010-03-15 slindalMerge branch 'devel'
2010-03-15 slindalBugfixes enabling buffer navigation
2010-03-11 jthaederfix warnings
2010-03-11 slindalFixed bugs that made histograms being drawn on top...
2010-03-10 slindal-Created new libarey AliHLTEve with processor classes...
2010-03-05 abercuciprepare the way to move to the new reader by Jochen.
2010-03-04 slindalbugfix
2010-02-27 mtadelFix compilation warnings introduced by Jimmy, Pawel...
2010-02-26 slindalbugfix
2010-02-26 slindalSome small bugfixes
2010-02-26 slindalMoved the block processing to detector specific functions
2010-02-25 slindalbugfix
2010-02-25 slindal-Cleaned up
2010-02-24 slindalremoved the undefined histo in processesdtrack, for now
2010-02-24 slindalbugfix
2010-02-24 slindal-Cleaned up
2010-02-23 ppillotmuon_init.C:
2010-02-22 slindalbugfixes
2010-02-22 slindalAdded tpc histos
2010-02-17 mtadelProjection managers in detail-views were not properly...
2010-02-16 slindalBugfix
2010-02-16 hristovMaking AliLog true instanton (Jimmy)
2010-02-14 mtadelAdd function geom_its_dets() that displays the branches...
2010-02-02 abercucifix user histogram management and style (Ben)
2010-02-01 abercuci- last version of the list analyser by Ben
2010-01-25 mtadelMake sure that 3D view rotates around origin.
2010-01-20 abercuciadded extended documentation and examples (Ben)
2010-01-19 abercucisteering macro for list analyser (Ben)
2010-01-19 abercuciupdates for the list analyser (Ben)
2010-01-11 mtadelFrom Philippe Pillot.
2009-12-22 abercucifix geometry navigation arround PHOS holes
2009-12-21 abercuciupdates for list analyser (Ben)
2009-12-21 abercuciUpdates of the list anlyser (Ben)
2009-12-17 mtadelFrom Mikolaj. One more function for drawing ITS stand...
2009-12-17 mtadelAdd dead module handling for SDD and SSD.
2009-12-16 mtadelFrom Pawel Debski.
2009-12-16 mtadelFrom Mikolaj.
2009-12-16 hristovLink libSTAT to the binaries, not when you create other...
2009-12-15 mtadelAdd method:
2009-12-14 mtadelFrom Pawel Debski.
2009-12-11 mtadelFix the way how dependence on esd_tracks.C is handled.
2009-12-10 mtadelAdd protection when kinematics can not be loaded.
2009-12-08 mtadelAdd trd_clusters.C to alieve_online.C.
2009-12-06 mtadelAdd protection needed when alieve is closed via the...
2009-12-06 jthaederbugfix
2009-12-05 jthaederupdated for TRD tracks
2009-12-05 jthaedercleanup