Coding rule violations corrected.
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / EVGEN / AliGenParam.h
2011-03-05 morschCoding rule violations corrected.
2010-09-28 morschWarning corrected.
2008-11-25 morschCoding rule violations fixed.
2007-01-31 hristovRemoving the fake copy constructors and assignment...
2004-01-26 morschNew class AliGenMUONCocktail for muon signal generation...
2004-01-07 morschUnique names for functions enforced.
2004-01-06 morschDon't stream TF1 functions.
2003-12-12 hristovCleaning up warnings (Sun)
2003-08-04 hristovPrivate Copy removed
2003-08-04 morschCode causing warning messages corrected.
2003-03-25 morschSetDecayer method added.
2003-01-09 morschDraw() method added.
2002-04-17 morschCoding Rule violations corrected.
2001-07-13 morsch- Some coded moved to AliGenMC
2001-03-09 morsch- enum constants for paramterisation type (particle...
2000-12-06 morschCorrect double declared data members.
2000-11-30 alibraryIntroducing new Rndm and QA classes
2000-09-17 morschDon't stream pointer to decayer.
2000-09-06 morschUse AliDecayerPythia for particle decays.
2000-06-29 morschAll paramatrisation libraries derive from the pure...
2000-06-14 morschInclude clean-up (IH)
2000-06-09 morschAll coding rule violations except RS3 corrected
2000-05-02 morschPrecision parameter for pT sampling plus corresponding...
2000-04-03 morschSetChildMomentumRange, SetChildPtRange, SetChildPhiRang...
1999-11-03 fcaNew version from G.Martinez & A.Morsch
1999-09-29 fcaIntroduction of the reference to Copyright and cvs Id
1999-07-16 fcaImport All particles from Pythia and add CutOnChild
1999-06-24 fcaIntroduced PDG code everywhere and use of TParticlePDG.
1999-06-15 fcaMinor mods to prevent compiler and ROOT warnings
1999-06-08 fcaNew calling sequences for parametrisation functions...
1999-05-18 fcaThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...