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Changes for kPyJets
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2002-11-15 morschChanges for kPyJets
2002-07-19 morschCount total number of trials. Print mean Q, x1, x2.
2002-07-17 morschSetYHardMethod added.
2002-06-21 morschGetters added.
2002-04-17 morschCoding Rule violations corrected.
2002-03-28 morschCoding rule violation correction.
2002-03-25 morschNew stack-fill and count options introduced (N. Carrer).
2001-12-20 morschAdd kinematic bias for direct gamma production.
2001-12-19 morschAdd possibility if jet kinematic biasing.
2001-10-15 morschVertex truncation settings moved to AliGenMC.
2001-10-08 morschPossibility of vertex cut added.
2001-09-25 morschPass event vertex to header.
2001-07-13 morsch- Some coded moved to AliGenMC
2001-06-28 morschSetEventListRange setter added. Events in specified...
2001-03-30 morschInclude FinishRun() method.
2001-03-09 morschProcess_t and Struc_Func_t moved to AliPythia.h
2001-03-07 morschDont't stream pointer to AliPythia instance.
2001-01-30 hristovStreamers removed (R.Brun)
2000-12-21 morschCoding convention clean-up
2000-11-30 alibraryIntroducing new Rndm and QA classes
2000-09-18 morschAdd possibility to use nuclear structure functions...
2000-09-06 morschUse AliPythia for event generation an AliDecayPythia...
2000-06-09 morschAll coding rule violations except RS3 corrected
2000-05-15 morschMost coding rule violations corrected
1999-11-03 fcaNew version from G.Martinez & A.Morsch
1999-09-29 fcaIntroduction of the reference to Copyright and cvs Id
1999-09-27 fcaTreat Pythia diffractive state of particles
1999-06-24 fcaIntroduced PDG code everywhere and use of TParticlePDG.
1999-05-18 fcaThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...