Some additional changes related to the previous changes. AliL3Transform
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / EVGEN /
2002-04-23 morschNew options kPi0Flat y kEtaFlat (Gustavo Conesa)
2002-04-17 skowronCoding cnventions
2002-04-17 skowronCoding cnventions
2002-04-17 morschUpdate.
2002-04-17 morschconst added.
2002-04-17 morschCoding Rule violations corrected.
2002-04-17 morschCoding Rule violations corrected.
2002-04-17 morschCoding Rule violations corrected.
2002-04-17 morschCoding Rule violations corrected.
2002-04-17 morschCoding Rule violations corrected.
2002-04-17 morschAliGenThetaSlice added.
2002-04-16 morschCoding rule violations corrected.
2002-03-28 morschCoding rule violation correction.
2002-03-28 morschPass status code in SetTrack.
2002-03-26 morschSaver calculation of rapdity.
2002-03-25 morschNew stack-fill and count options introduced (N. Carrer).
2002-03-25 morschCase kPyD0PbMNR added (N. Carrer).
2002-03-22 morschSpaces removed.
2002-03-22 morschMakefile and libEVGEN update.
2002-03-22 morschInitialize sum to 0. (Jiri Chudoba).
2002-03-22 morschDon't delete the TParticle.
2002-03-22 morschTreeE connected correctly.
2002-03-20 hristovSet fPtMax to 15 GeV in order to avoid some numerical...
2002-03-12 morschChange in calculation of rapidity, include case in...
2002-03-12 morschAdd status code of particle to SetTrack call.
2002-03-11 morschAliGenThetaSlice, first commit. (Jiri Chudoba)
2002-03-11 hristovRestored correspondence between the flat and recursive...
2002-03-06 hristovstream.h changed to iostream.h
2002-03-06 morsch- Loop until np-1
2002-03-05 morsch- New quenching options
2002-03-04 hristovGeVSim is a simple Monte-Carlo event generator based...
2002-03-03 morschOption kPyCharmPbMNR added. Produce charm pairs in...
2002-02-22 morschReadDecayTable() and WriteDecayTable() methods added.
2002-02-22 morschEta and omega added.
2002-02-21 morschMove SetHighwaterMark() after last possible SetTrack()
2002-02-20 morschVersion number increased.
2002-02-20 morschCorrect documentation of SetNuclei method.
2002-02-12 morschGet daughter indices right.
2002-02-12 morschCorrection in SelectFlavor()
2002-02-12 morschSetNoGammas can be used to inhibit writing of gammas...
2002-02-08 morschAdd name and title in constructor.
2002-02-07 morschTuned pp-min.bias settings (M.Monteno, R.Ugoccioni...
2002-02-01 morschFastidious print statements removed.
2002-02-01 morschInclude new gas pressure estimates (LHC Pproject Note...
2002-01-31 morschAllow for triggered jets with simplified topology:...
2002-01-22 morschDon't write the TArrayI member data.
2002-01-21 morschAliGenHIJINGparaBa added.
2002-01-21 morschty is Double_t
2002-01-08 morschUpdate for EMCAL readers and AliGenHIJINGparaBa
2002-01-08 morschReaders for EMCAL primary particle input.
2002-01-08 morschHIJING parameterisation including baryons, first commit.
2001-12-20 morschAdd kinematic bias for direct gamma production.
2001-12-20 morsch- Add omega forced decay.
2001-12-19 morschSome bugs corrected and skip method added. (Rachid...
2001-12-19 morschFor kPyJets enforce simple jet topology, i.e no initial...
2001-12-19 morschStore number of trials in header.
2001-12-19 morschNumber of trials for bookkeeping added.
2001-12-19 morschAdd possibility if jet kinematic biasing.
2001-12-15 morschInit() declared virtual. (thanks to B. Nilsen)
2001-12-13 hristovSet pointers to zero in the default constructor
2001-12-12 hristovAssignment operator implemented separately
2001-12-12 morschDummy copy constructor added.
2001-12-12 hristovClass version increased for the automatic schema evolution
2001-12-11 morschCorrect initialization for jet phi-range.
2001-12-05 morschConvert jet phi range from deg. into radian.
2001-12-05 morschPossibility of kinematic biasing of jet phi range....
2001-12-04 morschAliGenSTRANGElib.cxx first commit.
2001-11-28 morschIntroduce kinematic biasing (etamin, etamax) of jet...
2001-11-28 morschUse fMaxLifeTime parameter.
2001-11-27 morschMaximum lifetime for long-lived particles to be put...
2001-11-27 morschFully commented version by Bruno Espagnon.
2001-11-27 morschSet bits for kinematics selection.
2001-11-21 skowronSafe dynamic casting from root dictionary fascility...
2001-11-21 skowronBackground events fascility added
2001-11-13 hristovDummy copy constructor
2001-11-12 morschCorrect assignment operator.
2001-11-12 morschMemory leaks fixed. (M. Bondila)
2001-11-12 hristovRandom seed has to be set in Config.C
2001-11-12 hristovAsignment operator implemented (P.Skowronski)
2001-11-11 hristovSeed set correctly (P.Skowronski)
2001-11-11 hristovUpdate of the flat makefiles (J.-E. Revsbech)
2001-11-09 hristovReestablished correspondence between Makefile and libEV...
2001-11-09 morschGeneralization by using AliGenReader object to read...
2001-11-09 morschUpdate for AliGenReader*
2001-11-09 morschRealisation of AliGenReader that reads the kine tree...
2001-11-09 morschRealisation of AliGenReader that reads the old cwn...
2001-11-09 morschBase class with responsibility to read events and parti...
2001-11-06 morschAdd Boost() method to boost all particles to LHC lab...
2001-10-30 morschfExplicit member data correctly initialized.
2001-10-21 hristovSeveral pointers were set to zero in the default constr...
2001-10-16 morschCommon vertex related code moved to base class AliGener...
2001-10-15 morsch- Possibility for vertex distribution truncation.
2001-10-15 hristovBug fixes and additional comments (P.Skowronski)
2001-10-15 hristovUpdated version of the non-recursive Makefiles. See...
2001-10-15 morschVertex truncation settings moved to AliGenMC.
2001-10-15 morschEvent vertex and vertex truncation setting moved into...
2001-10-15 morsch- Vertex smearing with truncated gaussian.
2001-10-15 morschAdd jet momentum 4-vector after final state radiation.
2001-10-12 morschMissing break statements added (thanks to Nicola Carrer)
2001-10-09 hristovNew nonrecursive makefiles