Geometry update with pessimistic rails. (R. Barbera)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / Euclid / ITSgeometry_5asymm.euc
2001-04-02 morschGeometry update with pessimistic rails. (R. Barbera)
2001-03-13 morschSome mother volumes slightly modified to remove an...
2000-11-03 fcaServices on the opposite side w.r.t. the absorber modif...
2000-10-30 fcaOptimised geometry
2000-10-27 fcaz position of rails corrected
2000-10-27 fcaAdded the rails between ITS and TPC
2000-10-16 fcaServices volumes slightly modified and materials added...
2000-10-09 fcaNew files of geometry for ITS with services