Added OADB as external library dependency to ANALYSISalice. OADB will get automatical...
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / FASTSIM /
2011-03-05 morschCoding rule violations.
2011-02-18 morschsprintf replaced by snprintf.
2011-01-29 morschCoverity fixes.
2011-01-14 hristovRemoving the flat makefiles
2010-12-19 morschCoverity fix (C. Loizides)
2010-10-20 hristovCompletely reengineered version of CMake build system...
2010-09-25 morsch * EVGEN/AliGenEMCocktail.cxx (& .h) is the class...
2010-09-22 hristovReverting wrong commit
2010-09-22 hristovAdditiona fixes for report #72515: ITS QA porting reque...
2010-09-01 hristovFixes for bug #71984 ENUM_AS_BOOLEAN problem reported...
2010-07-13 morschUpdated version.
2009-11-17 hristovMajor update of the CMake compilation:
2009-10-26 morschCoding convention violations corrected.
2009-10-23 morschCoding rule violations corrected.
2009-10-07 fcaSome cleanup in the makefiles
2009-05-11 morschPossibility to save values of integrals I0, I1
2009-05-05 morschStore the last production point.
2008-12-19 fcaDo not get main runloader from gAlice
2008-11-28 morschAliFastGlauber is a singleton.
2008-11-05 morschgcc 4.3 warnings fixed
2008-10-23 morschWrong error condition in CalcSingleHard corrected....
2008-07-31 fcaPreliminary files for CMake
2008-05-20 morschSome more.
2008-05-20 morschShadowing of variables corrected.
2008-02-15 morschCorrect data member initialisation.
2008-02-12 hristovCompilation on win32gcc
2008-01-14 hristovRemoving .cvsignore files
2007-11-06 alibraryIgnoring smell subdet
2007-08-09 morschObsolete method call removed.
2007-02-19 morschUpdated LUT for fast trigger simulation from Pietro...
2007-02-19 morschUpdates on the fast trigger simulation by Pietro Cortese.
2007-01-23 alibraryAdding include files where needed for latest ROOT
2007-01-15 alibraryInserting TMath.h where required by the new version...
2006-08-29 morschMore coding rule violations corrected.
2006-08-29 morschEffC++ Warnings corrected.
2006-08-28 morschCoding rule violations corrected (A. de Falco)
2006-08-16 morschEffC++ warning corrected.
2006-04-27 morschWarnings corrected.
2006-04-27 morschCoding rule violations corrected.
2006-04-26 morschAvoid warning messages.
2006-04-19 morschCoding rule violations corrected
2006-01-27 morschSome small corrections to avoid infinite loops at high...
2005-09-24 hristovRemoving compilation warning (Fedora Core 4)
2005-09-24 hristovRemoving extra semicolon (Fedora Core 4)
2005-09-22 morschCompletely revised version. (P. Cortese)
2005-09-22 morschMUONtriggerLUT_V2.4nvdn.root replaces vettorpara.root...
2005-07-06 hristovReplacing array of objects by array of pointers
2005-07-06 hristovMoving the functions used to initialize TF1 and TF2...
2005-04-20 hristovIncluding Rtypes.h (Sun)
2005-03-01 hristovCorrecting sources of warnings
2004-12-18 hristovRemoving extra semicolons (FedoraCore3, gcc 3.4.2)
2004-11-08 hristovUsing const char * for string literals
2004-10-04 loizidesAdded more plotting options.
2004-10-04 loizidesAdded NHard function.
2004-09-01 morschGetNumberOfCollisionsPerEvent added (suggested by G...
2004-06-30 loizidesAdded GetIOI1ForPythiaAndXY to get the prod. point...
2004-06-28 loizidesCoding violations.
2004-05-27 loizidesAdded function to get P(Delta E=0)
2004-05-27 loizidesAdded function to return production point of partons.
2004-04-30 morschAll cross-sections in mb.
2004-04-30 loizidesBugfix:
2004-04-30 loizidesCosmetics and new GetLengthDef() method
2004-04-28 hristovCommenting unused variables
2004-04-06 loizidesChanged GetELossRandomFast to compute only the bins...
2004-04-06 loizidesAdded return of phi value (relative to event plane...
2004-04-02 loizidesAdded GetELossRandomKFast and CalcELossRandomKFast
2004-04-01 loizidesChanged reweighting method to try 1e6 times before...
2004-04-01 loizidesChanged binning for i0/i1 TH2F histogram.
2004-03-29 loizidesFaster reweighting method implemented.
2004-03-29 loizidesDecreased table spacing by factor of two, so table...
2004-03-29 loizidesCorrected warnings on gcc-2.95.
2004-03-29 loizidesAdded bmin and bmax member, which are set through centr...
2004-03-29 loizidesCosmetics (Dont printout ecm method type if it does...
2004-03-28 loizidesAdded support for k-Quenching,
2004-03-27 loizidesAdded support for I0I1 calculation need for k-Quenching...
2004-03-27 loizidesAdded taa, participants and almonds for AuAu.
2004-03-19 morschCalculation of number of participants added.
2004-03-19 morschNumber of participants for PbPb added.
2004-03-15 morschUpdate quenching tables (Constantin Loizides).
2004-03-15 morschCoding rule violations corrected.
2004-03-14 hristovChanges needed on HP and Alpha
2004-03-02 morschTwo new classes added.
2004-02-27 morschDefault arguments removed from method definitions.
2004-02-27 morschTest routines and example for use of AliFastGlauber...
2004-02-27 morschQuenching weight tables (Urs Wiedemann, C. Salgado).
2004-02-27 morschAliQuenchingWeight first commit (K. Loizides, A. Dainese)
2004-02-17 morschMacro to plot pathlengths of back-to-back jets. (A...
2004-02-17 morschNew features added by Andreas Dainese:
2004-02-17 morschInteraction almond for PbPb added (A. Dainese)
2004-02-03 morschUnique name for functions (TF1).
2004-01-27 hristovRemoving some warning (Sun)
2003-11-13 morschCoding Rule violation corrections.
2003-10-28 morschCorrect phi-range.
2003-10-24 morschTo run macros in compiled mode.
2003-10-24 morschRedefinition of ptMin and ptMax corrrected.
2003-10-17 morschAveraging for pathlength corrected.
2003-10-17 morschNew pathlength option added.
2003-10-10 morschfWSN->Eval(0.001) to avoid fpe.
2003-10-09 morschUpdated to newio.
2003-08-13 hristovBug fix (Alpha)