fix in Gain
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / FMD / AliFMD1.cxx
2005-12-09 cholmFixed some coding style violations.
2005-08-12 hristovFMD1 position at 320 (see FMD TDR table 4.1)
2004-12-30 cholmMigrated to a geometry implemented via AliFMDGeometry...
2004-12-18 hristovRemoving extra semicolons (FedoraCore3, gcc 3.4.2)
2004-11-23 cholmFixed some debug stuff - need more docs on the geom...
2004-11-23 cholmClean-up
2004-11-05 cholmGot rid of class template AliFMD<Type> on request of...
2004-10-26 allaMore member function docs
2004-10-18 allaMoved mode lines to end of files
2004-10-15 allaComplete rewrite of the FMD code.