Adding calibration object for the sharing efficiency
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / FMD / AliFMDAlignFaker.h
2008-05-09 cholmMassive commit to flesh out the geometry in more details.
2006-08-24 cholmFixed Effective C++ warnings
2006-05-27 cholmAlignment fixes
2006-04-11 hristovCoding conventions (Christian)
2006-03-28 cholmAdded documentation of each file.
2006-03-24 cholmAdded a lot of Doxygen documentation
2006-03-21 cholmNew RAW I/O. I rolled my own, because I wasn't happy...
2006-03-18 hristovTypo
2006-03-18 cholmAdded classes to make fake calibration constants, and...