Correct negation operand
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2008-09-18 rgrossoGeometry updated with FMD changes from rev 28844 (Chris...
2008-09-11 rgrossoUpdated geometry
2008-09-04 rgrossoUpdated geometry including latest improvements in VZERO
2008-08-16 rgrossoUpdated geometry including fix in SSD for 235um shift...
2008-07-23 rgrossoUpdated geometry. Includes latest fixes in SPD
2008-06-30 rgrossoUpdate of the ideal geometry taking into account change...
2008-05-28 rgrossoUpdated geometry including for the first time ACORDE
2008-05-26 rgrossoUpdated geometry. Includes FMD named shapes
2008-05-14 rgrossoUpdated ideal geometry, including ACORDE
2008-05-06 rgrossoUpdated geometry including v11Hybrid ITS geometry
2007-11-07 rgrossoupdated ideal geometry
2007-10-17 rgrossoUpdated geometry
2007-07-05 cvetanUpdated ideal geometry using the macro from Raffaele
2007-06-14 cvetanFirst version of the geometry stored in the CDB