correcting DDL bit for AD and HLT
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / HLT / BASE /
2015-01-29 tbreitnecorrecting DDL bit for AD and HLT
2015-01-29 mkrzewicAdd the AD detector in AliHLTReadoutList
2015-01-29 mkrzewicfix buffer allocation
2015-01-27 dberzanoCMake: same deps for linked libs and rootmaps
2014-12-19 tbreitneremoved warning
2014-12-16 tbreitneadding USE_DLOPEN option for HLT
2014-12-15 cleanup: removed from gSystem->Load()
2014-12-15 agrigoraFixes for object target dependencies
2014-12-15 agrigoraVZERO DAs + Object target dependencies
2014-12-15 hristovAdd missing libraries to resolve all symbols
2014-12-15 agrigoraHLTBase and HOMER dependecies
2014-12-15 agrigoraACORDE and EMCAL DAs
2014-12-15 hristovAdditional libraries to link hltdimserver
2014-12-15 hristovCooverting some HLT executables to native cmake
2014-12-15 agrigoraFixing various dependecies
2014-12-15 agrigoraFixing circular dependecy between HLTsim and STEER
2014-12-15 agrigoraAdding the target_link_libraries
2014-12-15 agrigoraHLTinterface module
2014-12-15 agrigoraHLT submodules
2014-12-15 agrigoraHLTHOMER module
2014-12-15 agrigoraHLTbase module
2014-11-19 tbreitneremoving custom streamer of AliHLTCTPData
2014-11-05 mkrzewicMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into mergi...
2014-10-20 sgorbunoflat friends update
2014-10-20 sgorbunoflat friends update
2014-09-29 tbreitnefixing HLT re-initialization
2014-09-23 mkrzewicMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/flatdev' into...
2014-09-23 shahoianImplemented output for the vertexTracks
2014-09-22 shahoianintegration of ITS SAP tracker to HLT chain
2014-09-12 tbreitneALIROOT-5600 - skip non-participating detector modules
2014-08-28 hristovCorrected pragma: no need for newObj to access the...
2014-07-26 hristovALIROOT-5538 ALIROOT-5433 Reconstruction aborts in HLT
2014-07-25 sgorbunoESD converter produces ESDFriend as separate data block
2014-07-01 sgweberadded placement new after reinterpret_cast in order...
2014-06-05 sgweberadded conversion shell scripts
2014-06-05 sgweberincluded filling of benchmark histos in flat esd conver...
2014-06-05 zampolliMerge branch 'master' into flatdev
2014-05-30 tbreitneAdding warning if no data header was found in HLTRawRea...
2014-05-30 tbreitneconsolidate zero-length arrays (aka struct hack)
2014-05-28 zampolliMerge branch 'master' into flatdev
2014-05-27 tbreitnedefault to chd v3 on empty blocks
2014-05-27 tbreitneBug fix: AliHLTRawReaderPublisherComponent
2014-05-21 hristovIncremented class version
2014-05-20 mkrzewicMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into flatdev
2014-05-20 tbreitneALIROOT-5433 Transition to CDHv3 in HLT
2014-05-15 mkrzewicMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into flatdev
2014-05-03 hristovChanges to compile with Root6 on macosx64
2014-01-21 hristovMFT clean-up (Antonio)
2014-01-17 zampolliInitial flat structure
2014-01-07 Timo BreitnerPorting HLT doxygen documentation to cmake
2013-12-03 tbreitneBug fix: AliHLTComponent::ConfigureFromArgumentString
2013-10-23 hristovChanges for
2013-06-04 richtermdeleting deprecated and uneffective defines
2013-04-08 tkolleggFix for savannah #101121: non initialzed pointers after...
2013-03-20 richtermchange loading scheme of the HOMER library following...
2013-02-21 richtermreplacing calls to AliCDBStorage::GetLatestVersion...
2013-01-08 richtermadded NULL pointer check (coverity #21106,21107,21108)
2013-01-03 richtermcode cleanup: renaming functions; adding prototype...
2012-12-05 richtermspeedup of cluster decoding by ~60%: more efficient...
2012-11-12 sgorbunoChange "undefined" value of the time stamp from 0 to...
2012-09-07 richtermusing common function for merging of streamer info
2012-09-07 richtermdefining interface functions for merging of streamer...
2012-08-23 morsch- Reshuffling of the particle codes in AliPID. Now...
2012-07-30 richtermcode cleanup, documentation, placement of 'using' state...
2012-07-30 richtermcode cleanup, documentation, placement of 'using' state...
2012-06-30 richtermminor coding rule corrections, removing depricated...
2012-06-30 richtermminor coding rule corrections and documentation
2012-06-11 fcaCompatibility with ROOT trunk
2012-06-07 richtermbugfix: correct range of DDL for specified detector
2012-03-30 richtermminor code cleanup and coding rules
2012-02-16 richtermadding access functions for AliHLTComponentBlockData...
2012-02-16 richtermmake component suitible for child overloads for specifi...
2012-02-13 richtermbugfix: '-nextevent' command in configuration file...
2012-02-13 richtermmoving histograming functionality to deflater base...
2012-02-08 richtermadding helper method for getting full block descriptor...
2012-01-05 richtermminor fixes for compiler warnings (unused variables)
2011-11-28 richtermadding cmath include to avoid compilation error due...
2011-11-28 richtermminor coverity defect: adding self-assignment protection
2011-11-25 richtermadding dereference operator for iterator class
2011-11-25 fronchetchanged definition of AliHLTCaloClusterDataStruct from...
2011-11-23 richtermminor cleanup to avoid compilation warning
2011-11-23 richtermminor compilation warnings: forward declaration of...
2011-11-22 richtermintroducing function IsSelected which allows child...
2011-11-22 richtermprohibiting copy constructor and assignment operator...
2011-11-22 richtermminor coverity defect: added protection for self-assignment
2011-11-22 richtermminor coverity defect: added protection for self-assignment
2011-11-21 richtermminor coverity defects: self-assignment protection
2011-11-21 richtermminor coverity defects: self-assignment protection
2011-11-21 richtermcorrected string operation
2011-11-21 richtermminor coverity defects: self-assignment protection
2011-11-21 richtermminor coverity defects: assignment operators corrected
2011-11-17 richtermmoving 'extern' directive before namespace declaration...
2011-11-17 richtermforgot to commit change in header file in r52974
2011-11-17 richtermimplementing cleanup functionality to use the same...
2011-11-16 richtermcorrecting printf-like format length modifier
2011-11-16 richtermcorrecting type in forward declaration
2011-11-11 aszostakWill now forward the whole trigger meta data structure...
2011-11-09 aszostakBug fix for modulo functionality
2011-11-09 aszostakAdding new data type.
2011-11-09 aszostakFix for changes in TString behaviour in ROOT 5.30