fixing coverity (index out of bounds)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / HLT / CALO /
2011-06-20 fronchetremoved unnecessary constants, added LG HG ratio
2011-06-11 fronchetrefined memory mgmt in CheckBuffer()
2011-06-09 fronchetchanged memory handling for recPointDataPtr
2011-06-08 fronchetreverting previous change
2011-06-08 fronchetremoved deletion of pointers in destructor
2011-05-17 philleCoverity
2011-05-03 richtermcorrected bug introduced in r49225: cleanup in DoDeinit...
2011-04-28 phillecosmetics
2011-04-28 philleCoverity: Concerned function ScanSingleNameArgument...
2011-04-28 philleCoverity: Functions concerned was actually not use...
2011-04-14 richtermmoving internal initialization and allocation from...
2011-04-07 odjuvsla- fixing warning
2011-03-27 philleCoverity
2011-03-25 hristov Factorization of the different raw fitting algorithms...
2011-03-21 odjuvsla- fixing coverity
2011-03-11 fronchetchanged kHLTLogFatal into kHLTLogDebug
2011-02-24 odjuvsla- fixing warnings/coverity
2011-02-23 richtermremoving the HLT autoconf build system, however keep...
2010-11-30 slindalFrom P. T. Hille: Merging the use of constants. off...
2010-11-16 richtermreverting r45444 to disentangle modules and make portin...
2010-11-14 sgorbunocompilation warnings fixed
2010-09-09 odjuvsla- adding constant for max number of hw addresses
2010-08-27 richtermpatch for GCC < 4.3
2010-08-25 richtermavoid warning '... has a non-virtual destructor' for...
2010-08-25 richtermrestoring bachward compatibility for r42844
2010-08-25 odjuvsla- adding AliHLTRecoParamHandler to link def
2010-08-25 odjuvsla- adding some logging
2010-08-25 odjuvsla- adding check that digits contain data from HG channel...
2010-08-25 odjuvslaChanging definition of neighbour to also include digits...
2010-08-25 odjuvsla- Adding check and flagging for HG present
2010-08-13 hristovChanges for report #69974: Virtual class for calorimete...
2010-08-08 aszostakfixing warnings
2010-08-04 odjuvsla- changed from <> to "" for some includes
2010-08-04 odjuvsla- adding new clusterizer class. Basic algorithm that...
2010-06-29 odjuvsla- removing debug outout
2010-06-21 odjuvsla- adding use of associated cluster for digits
2010-06-12 slindalChanged default initialization values of fTrackDz ...
2010-06-10 odjuvsla- added comments
2010-06-10 odjuvsla- added different sorting algorithms for the digits
2010-06-10 odjuvsla- fixing compilation warning
2010-06-09 odjuvsla- removing printf statement
2010-05-21 philleAdded constant needed by the EMCAL debug onlinedisplay.
2010-05-18 odjuvsla- fixes to simulation macros
2010-05-17 philleFixing coding violations
2010-05-15 odjuvsla- removing obsolete file
2010-05-15 odjuvsla- removing obsolete files
2010-05-15 odjuvsla- adding a macro with the full CALO chain + tracking...
2010-05-13 odjuvsla- adding test macros for HLT/CALO
2010-05-12 philleCosmetics
2010-05-12 philleRemoving redundant class AliHLTPHOSUtilitities.
2010-05-12 philleRemoved global TStopwatch variable and moved it to the
2010-05-12 philleRemoved #include directives that is not needed
2010-05-12 philleRefactoring: GetOutputDataSize moved to the AliCalo...
2010-05-12 philleRemoving #include directives that is not needed, plus...
2010-05-12 phille1) Removed some #include directives that was not needed
2010-05-12 philleRefactoring: All code related to the processing of
2010-05-11 philleCoding conventions
2010-05-10 philleCoding conventions
2010-05-10 odjuvsla- fixing definition of high/low gain
2010-05-10 odjuvsla- see previous commit
2010-05-10 odjuvsla- added HLT logging to the digit maker
2010-05-10 philleCoding conventions
2010-05-10 philleRefactoring of handling of constants.
2010-05-10 philleAdded Fatal logmessage in the case
2010-05-09 philleMaking the DoDeInit function non virtual
2010-05-09 philleRemoving man-in-the-middle class
2010-05-09 philleRemoval of dead code
2010-05-09 philleDefining constants static
2010-05-09 philleUsing AliHLTCAloConstants insted of
2010-05-06 odjuvsla- adding protection for calibration events
2010-05-05 philleBug Fix: Forgot to call the initialization of
2010-05-05 philleCosmetics
2010-05-05 philleMaking AliHLTCaloConstants abstract ( as it ought...
2010-05-05 philleReindtroduction of constant class
2010-05-05 philleDecomissioning of obsolete file
2010-05-05 philleRefactoring: of constants classes:
2010-05-05 philleRefactoring of constants handling classes.
2010-05-05 philleRemoval of unused constants
2010-05-05 philleRemoving unused constants
2010-05-05 philleRemoved obsolete class HLT/EMCAL/AliHLTEMCALConstants.h
2010-05-05 phille Cosmetics
2010-05-05 philleUsage of new constant classes
2010-05-05 philleRefactoring of constants usage. Some parameters common to
2010-04-28 odjuvsla- changes in the limits for the position of rec points...
2010-04-27 slindalReinstated / Added ClassDef & ClassImp calls to various...
2010-04-25 odjuvsla- adding members to the CALO cluster data struct to...
2010-04-25 odjuvsla- adding possibility to cut on time in the digit maker
2010-04-25 odjuvsla- adding possibility to cut clusters with only one...
2010-04-21 odjuvsla- moving initialisation of helper classes from the...
2010-04-21 odjuvsla- EMCAL digit maker loads bad channel map from CDB
2010-04-21 odjuvsla- stop clusterisation on no geometry
2010-04-20 odjuvsla- changes due to deletion of files
2010-04-20 odjuvsla- set clustering thresholds from CDB entries
2010-04-15 phillefoo
2010-04-13 mploskonRemoving of the delete of fAnalyzerPtr - fix of mem...
2010-03-28 odjuvslaAdding possibility to suppress warnings from AliLog...
2010-03-24 odjuvslaFederico: AliHLTEMCALGeometry handles transformation...
2010-03-23 odjuvsla- moved some functionality from the detector reco param...
2010-03-19 odjuvsla- reconstruction classes no using the reco param handle...
2010-03-19 odjuvsla- added handlers for reconstruction parameters