changing AliEMCALGeoUtils --> AliEMCALGeomery
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / HLT / EMCAL / AliHLTEMCALGeometry.cxx
2011-06-22 fronchetchanging AliEMCALGeoUtils --> AliEMCALGeomery
2010-11-05 fronchetusing offline row-col based geometry and misalignment...
2010-08-25 odjuvsla- adding some logging
2010-06-21 fronchetchanged z/eta envelope dimensions
2010-05-21 fronchetfixed inconsistency in GetCellAbsID
2010-05-21 fronchetchanged arg type to int in GetCellAbsId
2010-05-21 fronchetfixed minor inconsistencies, removed duplications and...
2010-05-10 philleRemoving unused class AliHLTEMCALSharedMemoryInterface,
2010-05-05 philleRefactoring: rempved the usage of AliHLTEMCALConstant
2010-04-28 odjuvsla- changes in the limits for the position of rec points...
2010-04-25 odjuvsla- adding members to the CALO cluster data struct to...
2010-04-21 odjuvsla- EMCAL digit maker loads bad channel map from CDB
2010-03-24 odjuvslaFederico: AliHLTEMCALGeometry handles transformation...
2010-02-22 odjuvsla- problems with logging and real abs id fixed
2010-02-18 odjuvsla- adding EMCAL geometry class