Updated macros for PHOS alignment calculation
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / HLT / EMCAL / AliHLTEMCALRawAnalyzerComponent.cxx
2011-03-25 hristov Factorization of the different raw fitting algorithms...
2010-05-13 philleTurning off debug flag to avoid cout statements.
2010-05-12 philleRemoving unused class
2010-05-12 philleRemoved #include directives that is not needed
2010-05-12 philleRefactoring: GetOutputDataSize moved to the AliCalo...
2010-05-12 philleRemoving #include directives that is not needed, plus...
2010-05-12 philleRefactoring: All code related to the processing of
2010-05-09 philleRemoved cout statement that was accidentally added
2010-05-09 philleRemoving cout statement
2010-05-09 philleRemoving man-in-the-middle class
2010-05-06 odjuvsla- adding protection for calibration events
2010-04-28 odjuvsla- removing couts
2010-04-15 philleInitializing a rawanalyzer object in
2010-03-04 odjuvsla- fixing compilation warnings
2010-01-26 philleCoding conventions
2010-01-26 philleAdding / modifying three algorithms to the HLT processing
2009-11-13 odjuvsla- fixing compilation warnings
2009-11-04 odjuvslaAdded the most important Calo files, changed dependent...
2009-10-08 philleCosmetics
2009-10-05 philleFirst working version of EMCAL HLT based on the PHOS...