Always delete TObjArrays created by TString::Tokenize (Ruben)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / HLT / EMCAL /
2012-12-17 richtermcoverity 20341: using auto ptr to avoid resource leak...
2012-07-31 richtermcorrecting placement of 'using' statements (Thorsten...
2012-07-01 richtermcashing of EMCALMapper instances to avoid unnecessary...
2011-11-22 richtermcorrecting string operations
2011-10-21 richtermmemory leak
2011-10-14 richtermreverting 52148, cleanup must be moved to base class
2011-10-14 richtermfixing memory leak
2011-09-22 fronchetcorrected loop on supermodules to 0->9 (was 0->8)
2011-08-22 richtermbugfix: removing chain EMCAL-EM from list of reconstruc...
2011-08-19 fronchetchanged geometry object initialization
2011-08-17 fronchetadded DigitPublisher class and relative modifications...
2011-08-17 fronchetHLT agent for EMCAL
2011-08-08 fronchetremoved FJ wrapper from EMCAL directory
2011-07-20 fronchetadded HLT EMCAL online montioring component for cluster...
2011-07-20 fronchetchanged HLT "fastjet" trigger: new set methods in AliFJ...
2011-07-20 fronchetadded proper handling of EMCAL calibration events
2011-07-19 fronchetjet trigger component and jet wrapper for EMCAL and...
2011-07-13 fronchetfixed tower addressing in bad channel maps
2011-07-07 fronchetadded explicit option for particle type
2011-07-05 fronchetNxN clusterizer for EMCAL
2011-06-27 fronchetadded check on module numbering (coverity)
2011-06-23 fronchetcoverity
2011-06-22 fronchetchanging AliEMCALGeoUtils --> AliEMCALGeomery
2011-06-21 fronchetfixing coverity (index out of bounds)
2011-06-20 fronchetadded OCDB access to for calibration
2011-06-20 fronchetremoved unnecessary constants
2011-05-28 fronchetchanged SM range, splitted plotting section
2011-05-25 fronchetcorrected histogram definitions
2011-05-24 fronchetfixed clusters multiple counts
2011-05-23 fronchetmerged cluster and channel data
2011-05-23 fronchetadded access to cluster structures
2011-05-23 philleCoverity
2011-05-20 phillecoverity
2011-05-18 phillecoverity
2011-05-17 philleCoverity
2011-04-05 richtermbugfix: wrong array size was used for bounds check
2011-04-01 fronchettest macro to run the EMCAL HLT chain in AliRoot
2011-03-31 philleRemoving obsolete class AliCaloRawAnalyzerLMS
2011-03-26 philleCoverity fixes
2011-03-25 hristov Factorization of the different raw fitting algorithms...
2011-03-21 odjuvsla- fixing coverity
2011-03-11 fronchetannoying ^M filtered out from source
2011-02-24 odjuvsla- fixing warnings/coverity
2011-02-23 richtermremoving the HLT autoconf build system, however keep...
2010-11-05 fronchetusing offline row-col based geometry and misalignment...
2010-08-25 odjuvsla- adding some logging
2010-08-08 aszostakfixing warnings
2010-08-04 odjuvsla- changes needed to facilitate for the new clusterizer.
2010-06-21 fronchetchanged z/eta envelope dimensions
2010-06-09 fronchetadded -verbose option to prevent couts and warnings...
2010-05-26 fronchetadded access to TRU FALTRO and STU payload and related...
2010-05-24 fronchethistogramming component for EMCAL online monitoring
2010-05-21 philleRefactoring: Using common CALO constants
2010-05-21 philleBug fix: Fixing typo
2010-05-21 fronchetfixed inconsistency in GetCellAbsID
2010-05-21 fronchetchanged arg type to int in GetCellAbsId
2010-05-21 fronchetremoved duplications
2010-05-21 fronchetfixed minor inconsistencies, removed duplications and...
2010-05-21 fronchetupdated inizialization values for online constant geometry
2010-05-17 philleFixing coding violations
2010-05-17 philleFixing coding violations
2010-05-13 philleTurning off debug flag to avoid cout statements.
2010-05-12 philleRemoving unused class
2010-05-12 philleRemoving unused class
2010-05-12 philleRemoved #include directives that is not needed
2010-05-12 philleRefactoring: GetOutputDataSize moved to the AliCalo...
2010-05-12 philleRemoving #include directives that is not needed, plus...
2010-05-12 philleRefactoring: All code related to the processing of
2010-05-10 philleRemoving unused class AliHLTEMCALSharedMemoryInterface,
2010-05-10 philleRefactoring of handling of constants.
2010-05-10 philleRemoval of obsolet constant definitions
2010-05-09 philleRemoved cout statement that was accidentally added
2010-05-09 philleRemoving cout statement
2010-05-09 philleRemoving man-in-the-middle class
2010-05-06 odjuvsla- adding protection for calibration events
2010-05-05 philleBug Fix: Forgot to call the initialization of
2010-05-05 philleUncommented code that was commented
2010-05-05 philleCosmetics
2010-05-05 philleMaking AliHLTCaloConstants abstract ( as it ought...
2010-05-05 philleRefactoring: of constants classes:
2010-05-05 philleRefactoring of constants handling classes.
2010-05-05 philleRemoval of unused constants
2010-05-05 philleRemoving unused constants
2010-05-05 philleRemoved obsolete class HLT/EMCAL/AliHLTEMCALConstants.h
2010-05-05 philleCosmetcis
2010-05-05 philleRefactoring: rempved the usage of AliHLTEMCALConstant
2010-05-05 philleUsage of new constant classes
2010-05-05 philleRefactoring of constants usage. Some parameters common to
2010-04-28 odjuvsla- removing couts
2010-04-28 odjuvsla- changes in the limits for the position of rec points...
2010-04-28 odjuvsla- moving initialisation of analyser from constructor...
2010-04-27 slindalReinstated / Added ClassDef & ClassImp calls to various...
2010-04-25 odjuvsla- adding members to the CALO cluster data struct to...
2010-04-21 odjuvsla- fixing warnings
2010-04-21 odjuvsla- moving initialisation of helper classes from the...
2010-04-21 odjuvsla- EMCAL digit maker loads bad channel map from CDB
2010-04-15 philleInitializing a rawanalyzer object in
2010-04-15 philleNeural Network component
2010-04-15 philleComponent for fast fitting ( Alexei )
2010-04-13 mploskonDelete of fAnalyzerPtr in destructor and reimplemented...