compilation error fixed
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / HLT / ITS / tracking /
2009-11-16 fcaimpoved num precision
2009-11-08 richtermbugfix: wrong result convention was used in r36516
2009-11-08 sgorbunothe track angle is checked before rotation a track...
2009-11-07 richtermremoving all code regarding the solenoidBz OCDB entry...
2009-11-07 sgorbuno- vectors removed from the ITSTracker class, to avoid...
2009-11-07 sgorbunochange an estimate of the output size
2009-11-06 sgorbunoAn artifactual debug streamer removed ( there was a...
2009-11-06 sgorbunoextra check for the output size is added
2009-11-05 sgorbunoA block of ITSOut tracks is produced in addition to...
2009-11-05 sgorbunoCompilation error fixed
2009-11-05 sgorbunoCompilation error fixed
2009-11-05 sgorbunoThe HLT ITS tracker has been reworked.
2009-11-02 sgorbunoapplying the ITS alignment after LoadGeometry()
2009-10-20 richtermadding explicit initialization of the field map to...
2009-10-16 sgorbunocosmetic changes
2009-10-13 sgorbunoChange of a convention of the sign of the Bz field...
2009-08-28 fcaFixes for cmake
2009-08-28 richtermbugfix (partially) #54670
2009-08-20 kkanaki- add AliGeomManager.h to prevent compilation from...
2009-08-20 sgorbunoinitialise geometry before creating of the AliITSTracke...
2009-08-18 sgorbunobug fixed in reading of the clusters
2009-08-16 sgorbunoiinitialisation of geometry added
2009-08-05 sgorbunoinitialisation crash fixed
2009-07-25 sgorbunoinitialisation bug fixed
2009-07-14 sgorbunounused SetLayersNotToSkip() removed
2009-07-02 richterm- moving AliHLTGlobalBarrelTrack to libAliHLTUtil to...
2009-06-30 richterm- code cleanup and starting component documentation
2009-06-28 richtermfixing compilation warnings
2009-06-27 richtermadding body of missing method
2009-06-27 sgorbunoInitialisation changed
2009-06-26 sgorbunoInput/Output of the ITS tracker is changed to AliHLTExt...
2009-06-24 sgorbunoAliHLTVertexer is moved from ITS/tracking/. to global/.
2009-06-23 sgorbunoITS tracker component added
2009-06-11 sgorbunocompilation warnings corrected,
2009-06-06 sgorbunoFirst version of the HLT ITS tracker