CMake: removing qpythia from the depedencies
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / HLT / ITS /
2015-02-03 hristovCorrect use of ROOT_INCLUDE_DIR
2015-01-27 dberzanoCMake: same deps for linked libs and rootmaps
2015-01-22 tbreitneadjusting verbosity if ITSSAPTracker
2015-01-22 tbreitnestatus messages shouldn't have log level warning
2015-01-12 shahoiancoverity fix (default c-tor added to nested struct)
2014-12-15 cleanup: removed from gSystem->Load()
2014-12-15 agrigoraFixes for object target dependencies
2014-12-15 hristovAdd code that is used
2014-12-15 agrigoraMONITOR without ZEROMQ
2014-12-15 hristovObsolete classes with duplicated names are commented out
2014-12-15 agrigoraAdding the target_link_libraries
2014-12-15 agrigoraHLT submodules
2014-12-15 agrigoraHLTITS module
2014-11-20 tbreitneactivating fast SDD cluster finder in HLT
2014-10-27 mflorisUndoing some unwanted method renames
2014-10-27 rirussochanges for Vertex and Tracks classes
2014-09-23 shahoianfinal integration of ITS SAP tracker + filling of ITSOu...
2014-09-23 mkrzewicMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/flatdev' into...
2014-09-23 shahoianImplemented output for the vertexTracks
2014-09-22 shahoianintegration of ITS SAP tracker to HLT chain
2014-09-22 shahoianfixes in standalone tracker code
2014-09-20 shahoianProduce tree with reconstruction statistics
2014-09-20 shahoianFix to prevent reusing the cluster in trackleting
2014-09-15 shahoiansome calls are need only in debug mode
2014-09-12 tbreitneALIROOT-5600 - skip non-participating detector modules
2014-09-02 shahoianfirst version of HLT ITS SA Primaries tracker/vertexer
2014-05-30 tbreitneconsolidate zero-length arrays (aka struct hack)
2014-01-07 Timo BreitnerPorting HLT doxygen documentation to cmake
2012-07-31 richtermcorrecting placement of 'using' statements (Thorsten)
2012-06-12 fcaCompatibility with ROOT trunk
2012-01-21 hristovCompilation warnings
2011-12-11 sgorbunocoverity 18007 fix
2011-12-11 sgorbunocoverity 17734 fix
2011-10-11 hristovCode clean-up (Massimo)
2011-06-11 richtermadding initialization
2011-05-18 hristovClean-up of include files
2011-04-07 hristovCoding conventions (Francesco)
2011-04-05 richtermremoving obsolete code, component base class checks...
2011-03-17 sgorbunobug fix
2011-03-12 sgorbunocoverity warning 10074 fixed
2011-03-12 sgorbunocoveritywarning 15097 fixed
2011-03-12 sgorbunocoverity warning 15133 fixed
2011-03-12 sgorbunocoverity warnings 15382 15100 fixed
2011-03-12 sgorbunocoverity warnings 15384 15144 15143 fixed
2011-03-12 sgorbunocoverity warnings 15585 15383 11303 fixed
2011-02-23 richtermremoving the HLT autoconf build system, however keep...
2011-02-21 richtermusing TString for string operations rather than fixed...
2011-02-21 richtermadding minor comment
2011-01-27 richtermintroducing adaptive output size estimator for ITSClust...
2011-01-14 richtermadding libAliHLTUtil to dependencies
2010-12-09 richtermoutput size estimator evaluated depending on the compon...
2010-11-06 richtermadjusting output size estimator: input multiplier set...
2010-10-29 sgorbunocompilation warnings fixed
2010-10-08 sgorbunoSupress MC output block when it is empty (bug https...
2010-08-08 aszostakfixing warnings
2010-07-18 sgorbunoExtra check for track parameters before calling AliExte...
2010-07-02 richtermcode cleanup after r41831, more efficient conversion...
2010-07-02 richtermreverting r42022, changes to be committed separately...
2010-07-01 aszostakRemoving some compilation warnings.
2010-06-18 hristovFixes for report #68312: Improper usage of TClonesArray...
2010-06-04 richtermremoving unnecessary include file
2010-05-25 richtermadjusting interface to the offline ITS CF in accordance...
2010-05-19 richtermadding map include file to solve compilation issue...
2010-05-10 sgorbunocompilation warning fixed
2010-05-10 sgorbunobug fix in ordering the strip
2010-05-10 sgorbunoMC labels added for ITS tracks ?\127 ?\127?\127
2010-04-30 richtermadding implementation of GetOCDBObjectDescription ...
2010-04-28 sgorbunoFalse warnings removed
2010-04-21 richtermbugfix: checking correct data origin for ITS tracking...
2010-04-16 richtermenable HLT ITS tracking from digits
2010-04-16 richterm- applying a workaround for reading the ITS TreeD which...
2010-04-16 richtermbugfix: correct use of the condition variable
2010-04-16 richtermAdding support for ITS reconstruction from digits....
2010-04-16 richtermadding support for clusters of input origin kAliHLTData...
2010-04-08 richtermcoding conventions
2010-03-19 richtermadded a protection for missing raw reader instance...
2010-03-07 sgorbunoextra benchmarks are added
2010-03-03 richtermcommenting unused parameter
2010-02-23 richtermcorrecting compilation warnings (Gaute)
2010-02-12 sgorbunolist of required CDB entries added to documentation
2010-02-12 richtermAdded test for OCDB objects in DoInit and updated docum...
2010-02-11 sgorbunoUpdate of the SSD on-line clusterfinder:
2010-02-08 sgorbunobug fix: put "else if" instead of "if" in the initializ...
2009-12-18 richtermadjusting the output data type of the ITSDigitPublisher...
2009-12-15 richtermadding first version of the digit publisher component...
2009-12-06 sgorbunocalibration of the beam diamond removed
2009-12-04 sgorbunoprintout removed
2009-12-04 sgorbunoUpdate of the HLT SPD vertexer:
2009-12-02 sgorbunobug fix - the configuration string was not read
2009-11-30 sgorbunocompilation error in debug mode fixed
2009-11-30 richtermreducing verbosity of the AliRawReaderPublisher for...
2009-11-29 sgorbunoforgotten commit
2009-11-28 sgorbuno- a fast HLT version of the SSD clusterfinder created...
2009-11-27 sgorbunocompilation error fixed
2009-11-27 sgorbunoA fast HLT version of the SPD clusterfinder implemented.
2009-11-27 richtermadding macro for ITS data replay
2009-11-27 richtermadding more default configurations
2009-11-16 richtermchange to prepare for the faster SDD cluster finder...
2009-11-16 fcaimpoved num precision
2009-11-11 kkanaki- correct initialization of geometry for the component...