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2010-11-16 richtermreverting r45444 to disentangle modules and make portin...
2010-11-14 sgorbunocompilation warnings fixed
2010-10-20 hristovCompletely reengineered version of CMake build system...
2010-08-27 jthaederupdate test macros
2010-08-27 jthaederfix handling of local CGAL installs
2010-08-27 jthaederUpdate handling of different inputs
2010-08-27 jthaederUpdate analysis classes for combination of different...
2010-08-11 jthaederUpdated docu
2010-06-04 richtermremoving unnecessary include file
2010-01-20 hristovChanges for report #61429: PID: Separating response...
2010-01-17 hristovChanges requested in report #61429: PID: Separating...
2009-11-05 richtermcorrecting compilation problem introduced in r36407
2009-11-05 jthaeder* Added fast interface to fastjet
2009-06-16 fcaFixing trunk compilation
2009-06-11 jthaeder* fixed bug while getting leading jet candidate
2009-06-01 jthaedermake scripts working with fastjet 2.4.1
2009-06-01 jthaeder* All Cone finder in compile flow, not yet added to...
2009-05-31 jthaeder* Add analysiscomponent to agent
2009-05-30 jthaeder* Moved conejetFinderComponent in the cone directory
2009-05-29 jthaedernew analysis classes, not yet in build system
2009-05-29 jthaederupdated run script
2009-05-27 jthaederjet macros
2009-05-11 richtermcompilation warnings corrected
2009-04-01 jthaederAdd new classes for the jet cone finder
2009-03-23 jthaeder* Added HLT classes for Jet reader and Jet reader header
2009-03-20 jthaederupdated macro
2009-03-17 jthaederupdate of jet macros
2009-03-16 jthaederfix of warnings
2009-03-11 jthaederenable compilation with fastjet in HLT, not checked...
2009-03-11 jthaederFirst Checkin for JET library in the HLT