- cleaning up debug output
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / HLT / PHOS / AliHLTPHOSClusterizerComponent.cxx
2010-02-12 odjuvsla- cleaning up debug output
2010-02-12 odjuvsla- moving the cluster parameter evalution from own compo...
2010-02-03 odjuvsla- bug fixes in the CALO clusterizer - digits pushed...
2010-02-03 odjuvsla- PHOS clusterizer component now inherits from CALO...
2009-11-12 odjuvsla- bug fixes in the handling of digits
2009-11-11 odjuvsla- fixing compilation warnings
2009-11-04 odjuvsla- fixing compilation errors
2009-11-04 odjuvsla- changing the digit format to now come as a linked...
2009-11-04 odjuvsla- fixing compilation errors/warnings
2009-11-04 odjuvsla- cosmetics
2009-11-04 odjuvsla- adding more features for loading configurations from CDB
2009-11-04 odjuvsla- small fixes
2009-11-04 odjuvsla- components look for configurations in OCDB. (not...
2009-08-14 odjuvsla- fixes due to new PHOS mapping
2008-11-10 richtermsetting keyword substitution
2008-11-10 richtermrevision of PHOS HLT to get rid of gcc 4.3 warnings...
2008-09-12 philleNew monitoring componenet for the online display (Oystein)
2008-09-07 philleImproved Clusterizer and rawanalyzer
2008-09-06 philleBetter handling of real zero supressed data
2008-05-06 phille1) Cosmetics, pluss 2) first iteration in phasing out
2008-03-07 philleEffective C++
2008-02-20 philleSelectiv readout and writing to FXS (oystein)
2007-12-19 philleNew raw data structures required modifactions to severa...
2007-11-30 philleCoding conventions and minor changes
2007-11-23 philleCosmetics
2007-11-23 philleCoding conventions and removal of obsolete files
2007-11-15 szostakGetting rid of trivial warnings.
2007-11-06 richtermcoding conventions (Oystein/Per Thomas)
2007-10-15 philleFast online clusterizer now working (Oystein)
2007-07-26 philleEffective C++ & documentation, bug fix in Online display
2007-07-15 philleModified files to use new class structure
2007-07-13 philleModifed the files to use the constants N_ZROWS_MOD...
2007-07-13 philleEffective c++, committed on behalf of ´┐Żystein Djuvsland
2007-07-09 richtermdocumentation
2007-05-15 philleCoding conventions
2007-05-09 philleNew classes for online analysis