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Fast online clusterizer now working (Oystein)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / HLT / PHOS / AliHLTPHOSClusterizerComponent.h
2007-10-15 philleFast online clusterizer now working (Oystein)
2007-08-18 richtermminor documentation fixes
2007-07-26 philleEffective C++ & documentation, bug fix in Online display
2007-07-15 philleModified files to use new class structure
2007-07-13 philleEffective c++, committed on behalf of ´┐Żystein Djuvsland
2007-05-30 richtermchanges in build system to cope with new dependencies...
2007-05-15 philleCoding conventions
2007-05-09 philleNew classes for online analysis