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Modified files to use constants declared in the
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / HLT / PHOS / AliHLTPHOSRcuCellEnergyDataStruct.h
2007-07-10 philleModified files to use constants declared in the
2007-02-28 philleCosmetic changes
2007-02-25 philleRcu X/Z as coordinate and module ID is given with...
2007-02-14 philleThe multidimensional array holding celle energies for
2007-02-09 philleadded copyright note
2007-02-02 philleA new structure AliHLTPHOSValidCellDataStruct.h was...
2007-02-01 philleRemoved the AliHLTPHOSValidCellDataStruct.h from Makef...