removing deprecated components from registration
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / HLT / TPCLib / AliHLTTPCDigitDumpComponent.cxx
2011-02-26 richtermremoving the digit readers for the 40bit RCU format...
2010-09-20 kaamodtFixed bug when deconvoluting in time direction.
2009-05-15 kaamodtAdding functionality to read the MC data in HLT. Also...
2008-09-30 richterm- added read modes -bulk and -stream
2008-09-24 richtermcorrections to avoid huge memory consumption by multipl...
2008-05-05 richtermremoved obsolete AliHLTTPCDigitReaderRaw
2008-03-07 richtermchanges by Kenneth
2008-02-15 richtermpotential memory leak fixed (Kenneth); sequential ...
2008-01-28 richtermbugfix DigitReaderPacked: raw reader NextEvent added...
2007-12-13 richterm- abandon TPCLib backward compatibility check for AliRo...
2007-12-13 richtermbugfix: create DigitReaderPacked only if available
2007-12-13 richtermmake different DigitReaders available
2007-11-27 richtermminor bugfix in argument scanning
2007-11-26 richtermminor cosmetics
2007-11-26 richtermbugfix and better formatting TPDDigitDump
2007-11-26 richtermmake TPDDigitDump component functional
2007-11-24 richtermimplemented TPCDigitDump and AltroChannelSelector
2007-11-23 richtermadded DigitDumpComponent and AltroChannelSelector