- adjusting binning of pad histograms to make single pad cluster contribution and...
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / HLT / TPCLib / AliHLTTPCPad.cxx
2011-03-25 richtermfunction call optimization: passing structures by reference
2010-09-21 aszostakFixing warning and bug.
2010-09-15 sgorbunobug fix: MC labels were not read in AliHLTTPCClusterfin...
2010-08-06 aszostakfixing warnings
2009-05-15 kaamodtAdding functionality to read the MC data in HLT. Also...
2008-10-10 richtermsome quick hacks to improve speed for ActiveChannelSele...
2008-07-28 richtermcode cleanup, get rid of compilation warning (Kenneth)
2008-07-01 richtermTPC ClusterFinder and related changes (Kenneth)
2008-06-10 richtermbugfixes run period week 22 (Kelly and Kenneth)
2008-03-07 richtermchanges by Kenneth
2008-02-08 richtermwork on zero suppression; added ZeroSuppressionComponen...
2008-02-01 richtermnew TPC cluster finder algorithm based on channel/bunch...
2007-11-28 richtermcommit from Kenneth:
2007-11-24 richtermzero suppression and selction of active pads (Kenneth)
2007-11-15 szostakGetting rid of trivial warnings.
2007-10-19 richtermcoding conventions and compilation warnings
2007-07-20 richtermTPC cluster finder speeded up, can process unsorted...
2007-07-09 richtermdocumentation
2007-02-22 richtermcoding conventions, effC++, removed warnings
2007-02-20 richtermadded Celular Automaton tracker
2007-02-06 richterm- improvements in AliHLTFilePublisher/Writer
2006-11-08 richterm- configure adapted to the new directory structure...
2006-09-06 richterm- parameter protection in the TPC raw reader class
2006-08-31 richterm- code version from TPC commissioning merged
2006-08-30 richterm- added TPCPad handling class