Qmax for merged clusters fixed
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / HLT / TPCLib / AliHLTTPCSliceTrackerComponent.h
2008-10-21 richtermcorrecting doxygen warnings
2008-08-15 richtermreading of prediction processor values; reading of...
2008-07-09 richtermadded cutoff parameter in z direction to ignore cluster...
2008-04-22 richtermcode documantation and minor cleanup
2008-02-04 richtermcode documentation
2008-01-31 richtermSlice Tracker configuration via CDB objects implemented...
2008-01-24 richtermconfigurable tracking parameters (Gaute)
2007-11-15 szostakGetting rid of trivial warnings.
2007-11-09 richtermcoding conventions
2007-11-02 richtermbugfix: SliceTracker handles only input blocks of known...
2007-10-16 richtermdocumentation, formatting, coding conventions
2007-08-21 richtermcleanup (Gaute)
2007-05-02 richtermCoding conventions
2007-03-01 richterm- TPCEsdWriter adapted to new TRACKS/TPC data type
2007-03-01 richtermchanges from Gaute (TPC)
2007-02-27 richtermcoding conventions, eff C++, formatting, AliHLTConsumer...
2007-02-22 richtermhigh-level component interface added
2006-12-28 richtermchanges according to coding conventions
2006-08-31 richterm- code version from TPC commissioning merged
2006-08-17 richtermJochen's TPCLib source code from Jan 2006 merged
2005-09-07 timmsImported files from the existing L3 code directories...
2005-08-12 timmsAdded a dummy component into the sample library.