Qmax for merged clusters fixed
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / HLT / TPCLib / AliHLTTPCTrackHistoComponent.h
2010-08-10 aszostakCleaning up ClassDef. Should have the version == 0...
2010-05-12 kkanaki- removed unused array
2010-05-04 kkanaki- added implementation of GetOCDBObjectDescription
2009-11-26 kkanaki- added protection for slice and partition values out...
2009-11-02 kkanaki- use new function for calculation of track length
2009-10-27 kkanaki- changed track storage to AliHLTGlobalBarrelTrack
2009-10-08 kkanaki- added histograms for track multiplicity, multiplicity...
2009-07-29 kkanaki- overload function FillTracksChecked in AliHLTTPCTrack...
2009-01-02 richtermcorrections in class docu
2008-12-18 richtermuse NTuples instead of individual histograms (Gaute)
2008-10-21 richtermcorrecting doxygen warnings
2008-07-30 richtermoptional reset of histograms for every event (Gaute)
2008-07-19 richtermcorrections in component documentation
2008-07-03 richtermbugfix: correct cleanup of used clusters to avoid pile...
2008-06-10 richtermadded new components by Kelly and Gaute