removing old CF configurations, ids redirected to HWCF; global tracking option enable...
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / HLT / TPCLib / HWCFemulator /
2011-12-09 sgorbunoQmax for merged clusters fixed
2011-12-06 richtermchanging argument type to pointer to better fit the...
2011-12-05 sgorbunocoverity fix
2011-12-04 sgorbunobug fix for outer sectors, extra interface
2011-12-04 sgorbunomacro for cluster merger efficiency
2011-12-02 sgorbunotreatment of MC labels added
2011-12-01 fcaincluding <algorithm>
2011-12-01 sgorbunocluster merging algorithm added
2011-11-28 richtermfixing typo in propagation of parameter
2011-11-25 richtermimplementing framework class for HWCF cluster merging...
2011-09-14 sgorbunomemory usage optimised
2011-09-13 sgorbunouse-timebin-window and -deconvole-time options are...
2011-09-13 sgorbunosmall fix in pad deconvolution
2011-09-09 sgorbunodefault parameters are set for the clusterfinder
2011-09-09 sgorbunodebug output removed
2011-09-09 sgorbunoHWCFEmulator update
2011-08-31 sgorbunoHWCF emulator update according to the new hardware...
2011-08-31 hristovReverting rev. 51375,51372,51371 since they break the...
2011-08-31 sgorbunodeconvolution and timebin window algorithms are changed...
2011-08-22 sgorbunoProtection for negative time bin added
2011-08-18 sgorbuno1. improved algorithm for timebin window;
2011-08-15 richtermrearranged allocation of temporary arrays and initializ...
2011-08-13 sgorbunodebug output changed
2011-08-12 richtermre-committing r51033 which was lost in r51064: adjustin...
2011-08-11 sgorbunotimebin window introduced
2011-08-10 richtermadjusting input multiplier: compression component to...
2011-08-08 sgorbunoConfiguration parameter added "-merger-distance"
2011-08-08 richtermbugfix: Qmax in the HW ClusterFinder has 12 bits after...
2011-08-08 richtermextended HWCF emulation to include Qmax in the output
2011-07-28 sgorbunoGain calibration added to the HWCF emulation
2011-07-13 sgorbunoprotection for wrong mapping added
2011-07-13 sgorbunobug fix in bit operations
2011-06-29 sgorbunocrash in destructor fixed
2011-06-23 sgorbuno2 histogramms added to the output
2011-05-30 hristovInclude cstdio to declare printf
2011-05-28 sgorbunofixes in MC labels,extra debug output
2011-05-25 sgorbunodebug output added
2011-05-25 sgorbunobug fix in treatment of MC labels
2011-05-25 sgorbunosuppress off-line finders ( vertex etc.)
2011-05-25 sgorbunoextra debug output added
2011-05-25 sgorbunofix of floating point exception in debug output
2011-05-20 sgorbunoEmulation of FPGA clusterfinder