fixing clang issues
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / HLT / TPCLib / tracking-ca / AliHLTTPCCATracker.h
2014-05-30 tbreitnefixing clang issues
2013-10-27 drohrUpdate NVIDIA GPU Tracking library to be compatible...
2013-10-09 sgorbunoOpenCL version of the HLT tracker added (the new code...
2011-08-21 sgorbunotracking at slice borders improved
2011-07-04 sgorbunoupdate of the GPU tracker
2011-05-22 sgorbunoGPU tracker update
2011-03-12 sgorbunocoverity warning 15138 fixed
2011-02-14 sgorbuno- a difference between CPU and GPU tracker results...
2010-06-16 sgorbunoUpdate of the GPU tracker
2009-11-02 sgorbuno- a patch to be able to load the CUDA library at runtim...
2009-10-31 sgorbunoupdae of the GPU framework
2009-10-16 sgorbunocosmetic
2009-10-16 sgorbunocosmetic
2009-10-16 sgorbunocosmetic changes
2009-10-08 sgorbunoupdate from David Rohr: the CATrackerComponent now...
2009-10-02 sgorbunomemory bug fix in SliceOutput
2009-10-01 sgorbunoUpdate of the GPU tracker from David Rohr
2009-07-23 sgorbunoupdate of GPU tracker from David Rohr
2009-05-04 sgorbunostyle changes
2009-05-04 sgorbunoclean up
2009-04-17 sgorbunochanges from Matthias
2009-04-13 sgorbunocosmetical changes
2009-04-13 sgorbunoFit mathematics improved, obsollete GBTracker cleaned up
2009-03-31 sgorbunoCA track merger class added
2009-03-25 sgorbunoTotal amount of used memory has been optimised
2009-03-25 sgorbunoUpdate of the CA tracker
2009-03-09 sgorbunoUpdate of the HLT CA tracker
2009-01-22 sgorbunoA tracker update: significant clean up, reorganise...
2009-01-13 richtermCompletely reworked version of TPC CA tracker (Sergey)
2008-07-02 richtermadded offline wrapper for HLT TPC CA tracker (Sergey)
2008-03-05 richtermcoding violations and compilation warnings fixed (Sergey)
2007-12-10 richtermcompletely re-worked TPC CA tracking code (Sergey/Ivan)