Obsolete tracker output removed
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / HLT / TPCLib / tracking-ca / AliHLTTPCCATrackerComponent.cxx
2010-02-18 sgorbunoObsolete tracker output removed
2009-11-16 fcaimpoved num precision
2009-11-08 richtermbugfix: wrong result convention was used in r36516
2009-11-08 sgorbunobug fix: reconstruction crash when the output buffer...
2009-11-07 richtermremoving all code regarding the solenoidBz OCDB entry...
2009-11-07 sgorbunobug fix: access to deleted pointer
2009-11-03 sgorbunoa little memory leak fixed
2009-11-02 sgorbuno- a patch to be able to load the CUDA library at runtim...
2009-11-01 sgorbunoGPU framework update from David Rohr
2009-10-28 sgorbunoGPU update from David Rohr
2009-10-21 sgorbunoAliHLTTPCCAInputDataCompressorComponent created
2009-10-21 sgorbunoUpdate from David Rohr:
2009-10-16 sgorbunocosmetic changes
2009-10-13 sgorbunoChange of a convention of the sign of the Bz field...
2009-10-08 sgorbunoupdate from David Rohr: the CATrackerComponent now...
2009-10-02 sgorbunomemory bug fix in SliceOutput
2009-10-01 sgorbunoUpdate of the GPU tracker from David Rohr
2009-09-04 sgorbuno1. bug fix: skip the final transport of tracks to the...
2009-06-02 sgorbuno1) Serious bug fix in the backward extrapolation of...
2009-06-02 sgorbunocompiler warnigs fixed
2009-05-29 sgorbunoImprovement of the magnetic field usage.
2009-05-29 sgorbunoInitialisation from OCDB done for CA components,
2009-05-29 sgorbuno1) Configuration from the OCDB is done,
2009-05-27 richtermregister the CATracker and CAGlobalMerger from the...
2009-05-12 sgorbunodebug output deleted
2009-05-04 sgorbunostyle changes
2009-05-04 sgorbunoclean up
2009-04-22 sgorbunoupdate
2009-04-21 sgorbunocorrection of the magnetic field scale
2009-04-17 sgorbunochanges from Matthias
2009-04-14 sgorbunobug fix - a scale factor for the magnetic field added
2009-04-14 sgorbunounsigned -> unsigned int
2009-04-13 sgorbunocosmetical changes
2009-04-13 sgorbunoFit mathematics improved, obsollete GBTracker cleaned up
2009-04-06 sgorbunobug fix
2009-04-03 sgorbunoTPC CA Global Merger component added
2009-03-25 sgorbunochange of the cdb entry name
2009-03-25 sgorbunoThe component path in CDB changed - probably it was...
2009-03-25 sgorbunoUpdate of the CA tracker
2009-03-09 sgorbunoUpdate of the HLT CA tracker
2009-01-23 sgorbunoReconfigure() method added
2009-01-22 sgorbunoA tracker update: significant clean up, reorganise...
2009-01-16 richtermcorrecting compilation error on gcc 4.3: missing climit...
2009-01-13 richtermCompletely reworked version of TPC CA tracker (Sergey)
2008-11-07 richtermbugfix: corrected sign convention producing wrong curva...
2008-09-11 jthaederCommit from Sergey:
2008-09-02 kaamodtCorrected two bugs. (Sergey)
2008-07-02 richtermadded offline wrapper for HLT TPC CA tracker (Sergey)
2008-05-14 hristovCompilation with gcc 4.3.0
2008-03-19 richtermconverting to component registration by library agent...
2008-03-16 fcaeffc++ warnings corrected
2008-03-05 richtermcoding violations and compilation warnings fixed (Sergey)
2008-02-25 hristovUse new for arrays with vatriable size (Solaris x86)
2007-12-11 richtermbugfix in component output and code cleanup (Sergey)
2007-12-10 richtermreintroduced TPC CA tracker component