- adjusting binning of pad histograms to make single pad cluster contribution and...
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / HLT / TPCLib / tracking-ca /
2011-08-22 hristovDeclaration of fabs
2011-08-21 sgorbunotracking at slice borders improved
2011-07-04 sgorbunoupdate of the GPU tracker
2011-05-31 sgorbunocoverity warnings fixed
2011-05-28 sgorbunocoverity warning 16819 fixed
2011-05-22 sgorbunoGPU tracker update
2011-05-15 sgorbunocoverity warning 15746 fixed
2011-05-04 sgorbunoprotection for division by 0
2011-03-12 sgorbunocoverity warning 10030 fixed
2011-03-12 sgorbunominor fix
2011-03-12 sgorbunocoverity warning 10034 fixed
2011-03-12 sgorbunocoverity warnings 10077 10076 fixed
2011-03-12 sgorbunocoverity warning 15136 fixed
2011-03-12 sgorbunocoverity warning 15137 fixed
2011-03-12 sgorbunocoverity warning 10075 fixed
2011-03-12 sgorbunocoverity warning 10078 fixed
2011-03-12 sgorbunocoverity warning 15138 fixed
2011-03-12 sgorbunocoverity warning 15390 fixed
2011-03-12 sgorbunocoverity warnings 15587 15586 14379 fixed
2011-03-11 sgorbunocoverity warnings 15651 14262 14023 10840 fixed
2011-03-11 sgorbunocoverity warnings 15745 15135 fixed
2011-03-11 sgorbunocoverity warnings 15747 15746 15391 15389 fixed
2011-03-11 sgorbunocoverity warnings 15748 and 15392 fixed
2011-03-11 sgorbunocoverity warning 16171 fixed
2011-02-14 sgorbuno- a difference between CPU and GPU tracker results...
2010-11-27 sgorbunofast global merger installed. To use the previous versi...
2010-11-24 sgorbunocode of fast version of GlobalMerger added (it is not...
2010-11-14 sgorbunonew configuration parameters introduced for CASliceTrac...
2010-11-14 sgorbunowarning fixed
2010-11-14 sgorbunoCleanup: hardcoded bit operations with TPC cluster...
2010-11-13 sgorbunocompilation warning fixed
2010-10-29 sgorbunocompilation warnings fixed
2010-10-29 sgorbunobug fix
2010-10-29 sgorbunooutput data size of slice trackers is reduced by 25...
2010-10-29 sgorbunospeed up of compression by removing a function call
2010-10-29 sgorbunoinput multiplier is set to realistic value 0.6
2010-10-26 richtermdded and corrected defines for new Fermi GPU type ...
2010-08-08 aszostakfixing warnings
2010-07-23 sgorbunoupdate of the GPU tracker
2010-07-04 sgorbunofix of some rule violations
2010-06-16 sgorbunoGPU tracker update
2010-06-16 sgorbunoUpdate of the GPU tracker
2010-05-10 sgorbunounnecessary include removed
2010-05-10 sgorbunoConvertor from CATracker output to AliHLTTracksData...
2010-04-08 richtermrestoring compatibility with both trunk and v4-18-Release
2010-04-08 richtermreverting r40128 as it breaks backward compatibility
2010-04-01 fcaCoding Conventions
2010-03-23 richtermcoding conventions
2010-03-07 sgorbunoextra benchmarks are added
2010-03-03 richtermadding newline at end of file
2010-03-03 sgorbuno1. Output data compression in the clusterfinder compone...
2010-02-19 sgorbunoNow the TPC clusterfinder produces a special compressed...
2010-02-18 sgorbunooutput of the slice tracker optimised
2010-02-18 sgorbunoObsolete tracker output removed
2010-02-14 sgorbunooutput of the slice tracker is compressed in order...
2009-12-06 sgorbunobug fix: a declared output buffer size was smaller...
2009-11-26 kkanakiSergey: bug fix with storing cluster id's
2009-11-22 sgorbunoobsolette command removed
2009-11-21 sgorbunoKeep the input block untouched.
2009-11-16 fcaimpoved num precision
2009-11-08 richtermbugfix: wrong result convention was used in r36516
2009-11-08 sgorbunobug fix: reconstruction crash when the output buffer...
2009-11-07 richtermremoving all code regarding the solenoidBz OCDB entry...
2009-11-07 sgorbunotoo much memory was allocated for temp. arrays
2009-11-07 sgorbunorelease a temporary memory at each event, to avoid...
2009-11-07 sgorbunobug fix: access to deleted pointer
2009-11-05 richtermcorrecting info messages on loaded GPU library (David)
2009-11-05 sgorbunoquality check for the maximum Pt error removed. The...
2009-11-04 sgorbunotrack alpha angle normalized to [-Pi,+Pi]
2009-11-03 sgorbunoa little memory leak fixed
2009-11-02 sgorbuno- Method to calculate the track length is added to...
2009-11-02 sgorbuno- a patch to be able to load the CUDA library at runtim...
2009-11-01 sgorbunoGPU framework update from David Rohr
2009-10-31 sgorbunoupdae of the GPU framework
2009-10-30 sgorbunodata transport between the tracker and the merger is...
2009-10-28 sgorbunoGPU update from David Rohr
2009-10-23 sgorbunocheck of non-diagonal elements of the covariance matrix...
2009-10-23 sgorbunobug fix in mult. scattering
2009-10-21 sgorbunoAliHLTTPCCAInputDataCompressorComponent created
2009-10-21 sgorbunoUpdate from David Rohr:
2009-10-18 sgorbunowrong #ifdef removed
2009-10-16 sgorbunocosmetic
2009-10-16 sgorbunocosmetic
2009-10-16 sgorbunocosmetic changes
2009-10-16 sgorbunoquality check updated in order to correctly process...
2009-10-16 sgorbunomake recalculation of the cluster errors during refit
2009-10-16 sgorbunoWhen Pt is bad defined (ex. no field), the multiple...
2009-10-16 sgorbunocheck for small curvature is corrected
2009-10-13 sgorbunoChange of a convention of the sign of the Bz field...
2009-10-13 sgorbunoChange of transformation of off-line clusters
2009-10-13 sgorbunoCorrection of the final transport of tracks to the...
2009-10-08 sgorbunogpu patch
2009-10-08 sgorbunoupdate from David Rohr: the CATrackerComponent now...
2009-10-07 sgorbunobug fix ( was "==" instead of "=" in an assignment)
2009-10-02 sgorbunomemory bug fix in SliceOutput
2009-10-01 sgorbunoUpdate of the GPU tracker from David Rohr
2009-09-04 richtermbugfix: make code compiling for the debug mode
2009-09-04 sgorbuno1. bug fix: skip the final transport of tracks to the...
2009-08-20 sgorbunofix of a minor bug in the tracklet constructor
2009-07-23 sgorbunoimplementation of GPUTracker::SetDebugLevel() added