Updated SNM Glauber fit
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / HLT / TPCLib / transform /
2014-03-27 sgorbunobug fix in inverse alignment calculation
2014-03-17 sgorbunobug fix in inverse alignment calculation
2013-12-10 tkolleggFixes for compile issues in HLT branch with clang 5...
2012-11-11 jthaederFix Compilation
2012-11-10 sgorbunoReorganising the TPC transformation in HLT:
2012-11-04 sgorbunobug fix in initialisation of fast cluster transformation
2012-11-04 sgorbunoBug fixes in HLT cluster transformation:
2012-07-16 sgorbunooptimised memory allocation for vector data
2012-07-16 sgorbuno- Speedup of cluster transformation in two times by...
2012-06-25 sgorbunoinitialisation of all TPC rows moved to DoInit()
2012-06-15 sgorbunocoverity fix
2012-06-10 sgorbunoFast transformation of TPC clusters with 3-rd order...