- version HLT-v0-4 ready
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / HLT / configure.ac
2006-09-13 richterm- version HLT-v0-4 ready
2006-09-08 richterm- moved AliHLTDisplay files from TPCLib to TPCLib/Onlin...
2006-09-08 richtermTPC Reference library removed
2006-08-31 richterm- code version from TPC commissioning merged
2006-08-23 richtermversion HLT v0-3 tagged
2006-08-22 richterm- check for AliRoot features/libs/files and correspondi...
2006-08-21 richterm- made package indepentend of src
2006-08-17 richtermJochen's TPCLib source code from Jan 2006 merged
2006-07-06 richtermstand-alone compilation converted to autotools; doxygen...