Renamed houghtest.C to runhough.C
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / HLT / exa /
2002-05-25 vestboRenamed houghtest.C to runhough.C
2002-05-25 vestboSome minor changes in AliL3Hough
2002-05-24 loizidesRenamed macro test.C in runtracker.C
2002-05-23 vestboExample macro how to run Hough.
2002-05-22 loizidesChanged default path value to ".".
2002-05-22 loizidesIncorporated BFieldFactor from gAlice->Field()->Factor().
2002-05-18 loizidesAdded comment line.
2002-05-07 vestboBugfix in previous checkin.
2002-05-07 vestboAdded some gas and electronic parameters.
2002-04-26 vestboChanges as a result of making AliL3Transform static.
2002-04-23 vestboMoved to misc
2002-04-18 loizidesAdded new fields for new Transformer Object config
2002-04-18 loizidesAdded new Transformer Object.
2002-04-18 vestboLoading all present HLT libaries
2002-04-18 vestboIncorporated latest changes in AliLevel3 class.
2002-04-16 vestboalso checks timebins
2002-01-18 vestboAdded macro for simply reading a binary rawdata file
2002-01-18 vestboAdded possibility to run several events, and do seperat...
2002-01-18 vestboMinor changes
2002-01-16 vestboNew library paths
2002-01-11 vestboLatest changes
2002-01-07 vestboUpdate
2002-01-07 vestboFunctions to make pileup events.
2001-12-11 vestbopossible to only do 1 slice
2001-12-10 vestboExample how to read reconstructed tracks, and load...
2001-11-29 vestboExample of how to use display class
2001-08-17 frankenupdate to version V3.05
2001-07-30 vestbonew paths
2001-05-03 vestboExample how to use AliL3Evaluate class
2001-05-01 frankenadd fNTimeBins
2001-04-06 frankenExampel to use AliL3Evaluate
2001-03-26 frankenminor changes
2001-03-22 vestboChanged to /usr/local/anders/aliroot/mylibs
2001-03-22 frankentypo in function name
2001-03-22 frankenThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...