- added the ITS clusters/track in the track properties
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / HLT / global / AliHLTGlobalHistoComponent.cxx
2011-03-04 kkanaki- added the ITS clusters/track in the track properties
2011-03-04 kkanaki- make the filling of V0 branch optional
2011-03-04 kkanaki- removed printf statement
2011-03-04 kkanaki- implemented argument for the maximum track multiplicity
2011-02-22 kkanaki- commented out the UPC and V0 branches
2010-11-09 richtermusing now the specification provided by the base class
2010-11-04 richtermbugfix: correcting the data type of the published histo...
2010-11-03 kkanaki- minor fix in a function call
2010-11-03 kkanaki- implementation of tree with UPC related variables
2010-11-03 kkanaki- reset the V0 variables in ResetCount()
2010-11-01 kkanaki- fix compilation warnings
2010-10-31 kkanaki- set properties for AliHLTV0HistoComponent.h
2010-10-31 kkanaki- reset the number of V0s
2010-10-30 kkanaki- defined the origin of the output data type to be...
2010-10-28 kkanaki- added more information about the primary vertex
2010-10-27 richtermconverting AliHLTGlobalHistogramVariables to template...
2010-10-27 kkanaki- bug fix
2010-10-18 kkanaki- added DCAr, DCAz and dEdx in the track properties
2010-10-17 kkanaki- added information about track and event properties...
2010-09-30 richtermeliminate improper usage of internal data of returned...
2010-09-27 richtermadding AliHLTGlobalHistoComponent (ID GlobalHisto)...