AliVVfriend* moved to AliVfriend*, unnecessary AliVV* classes removed
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / HLT / global /
2014-08-27 sgorbunoAliVVfriend* moved to AliVfriend*, unnecessary AliVV...
2014-08-25 sgorbunoadded pointer to flat esd friend to flat event
2014-08-25 sgorbunoadded aliexternaltrackparam getters to flat esd tracks
2014-08-25 sgorbunoadded esdvertex getters to flat esd
2014-08-20 sgorbunobring flat ESD converter to work
2014-08-18 sgorbunoReinitialization methods added to AliFlat*
2014-08-18 sgweberupdate on esd to flat converter component
2014-08-07 sgweberMerge branch 'flatdev' of
2014-08-07 sgorbunoflat esd event update
2014-08-05 sgwebermerge
2014-08-05 sgweberadded this pointer to special constructor, first versio...
2014-08-04 sgorbunobug fix: call AliVVevent() in AliESDevent constructor
2014-08-04 zampolliAdding configuration macro for analysis on Flat ESD
2014-08-04 zampolliAdding analysis for Flat ESD case
2014-08-04 sgorbunoAliFLatESDTrigger added
2014-08-04 sgorbunosplit of VVtrack and Vtrack interfaces, update of AliFl...
2014-08-03 sgorbunomake AliVVevent abstract (=0)
2014-08-02 sgorbunoAliVVexternalTrackParam removed
2014-08-02 sgorbunoVVvertex interface removed
2014-08-01 zampolliTask now uses VV classes (ready for the case of flat)
2014-07-31 sgorbunoGetCalibObject() changed to GetTPCseed() in VVfriendtrack
2014-07-30 zampolliReading friends in analysis framework inside HLT
2014-07-29 sgorbunoMerge branch 'flatdev' of
2014-07-29 sgorbunotest of flat structure modified
2014-07-29 sgweberMerge branch 'flatdev' of
2014-07-29 zampolliAdding include path
2014-07-29 zampolliImproving readibility of macro
2014-07-25 sgweberMerge branch 'flatdev' of
2014-07-25 sgweberupdated conversion macros
2014-07-25 sgorbunoMerge branch 'flatdev' of
2014-07-25 sgorbunoESD converter produces ESDFriend as separate data block
2014-07-24 sgweberadded input size in AliSysInfo fin FlatESDConverter
2014-07-24 sgorbunoesd friends are added to HLT esd convertor
2014-07-14 sgorbuno.
2014-07-14 sgorbuno.
2014-07-14 mkrzewica compiling version of the VV interface WITH friends
2014-07-09 sgorbunoFlat esd friend added
2014-07-09 sgorbunoFlat esd friend added
2014-07-07 sgweberflat classes now have Reinitialize functions, which...
2014-07-05 sgweberfixed bug in special constructor
2014-07-05 sgweberadded special constructor flag enum for special constru...
2014-07-04 sgweberfixed loops over tracks and clusters in special constru...
2014-07-04 sgweberremoved constructors from read macros
2014-07-04 sgweberMerge branch 'flatdev' of
2014-07-04 mkrzewicsmall fixes to make the coverter work
2014-07-03 mkrzewicremove unnecessary call to base ctor
2014-07-03 mkrzewicadd special constructors for restoring the vtable ptr
2014-07-03 sgweberupdated macros, fix in AliFlatTrack::Fill : padRow...
2014-07-03 sgweberadded constructors to ReadFlatESD.C, fixed bugs in...
2014-07-03 sgweberadded virtual destructor to AliVVkink, removed unused...
2014-07-01 sgweberreadded inheritance from base classes
2014-07-01 sgweberMerge branch 'flatdev' of
2014-07-01 sgweberadded placement new in converter and read macros
2014-07-01 sgweberadded placement new after reinterpret_cast in order...
2014-06-30 zampolliOne class forgotten
2014-06-30 zampolliRemoving inheritance, until the vtable is fixed.
2014-06-27 sgwebercorrected primary vertex getter
2014-06-13 sgweberremove FillBenchmarkHistogram function
2014-06-13 sgweberMerge branch 'flatdev' of
2014-06-13 mkrzewicfix from Steffen Weber: fixes crashing converter
2014-06-12 sgweberremoved histogram fill function from converter componen...
2014-06-07 zampolliFixed some missing implementations, changed test task...
2014-06-06 mkrzewicadd common abstract interface classes for flat and...
2014-06-05 sgweberremove unneccassary TStopWatch
2014-06-05 sgweberadded conversion shell scripts
2014-06-05 sgwebergive fileName of friengs to FlatESDConverter
2014-06-05 sgweberadded flatesd comparison macro
2014-06-05 sgweberadded benchmark histograms
2014-06-05 sgweberincluded filling of benchmark histos in flat esd conver...
2014-06-05 zampolliMerge branch 'master' into flatdev
2014-06-03 zampolliImprovement of handling event when running AnalysisMana...
2014-06-03 mkrzewictypo
2014-05-30 tbreitnefixing clang issues
2014-05-28 zampolliExample to run AliHLTAnaManagerComponent
2014-05-28 zampolliFirst version of HLT component using AliAnalysisManager
2014-05-28 zampolliMerge branch 'master' into flatdev
2014-05-27 tbreitnenext50 trigger mask in AliHLTGlobalEsdConverterComponent
2014-05-20 mkrzewicMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into flatdev
2014-05-20 tbreitneALIROOT-5433 Transition to CDHv3 in HLT
2014-04-17 sgweberswitch in FlatESDConverter to use HLTesdtree
2014-04-17 sgweberfixed in AliFlatESDEvent: fNV0s, fPointerV0s not initia...
2014-01-17 zampollitesting push rights
2014-01-17 zampolliInitial flat structure
2014-01-07 Timo BreitnerPorting HLT doxygen documentation to cmake
2013-12-10 tkolleggFixes for compile issues in HLT branch with clang 5...
2013-12-05 AlinaExtracting Branch and Revision from Git.
2013-10-23 hristovChanges for
2012-11-13 tkolleggRemoved obsolete function from AliHLTGlobalPreprocessor.
2012-10-30 tkolleggImplemented handling of StreamerInfo from the online...
2012-09-07 richtermstore StreamerInfo object with validity infinity, and...
2012-07-31 richtermcorrecting placement of 'using' statements (Thorsten)
2012-06-11 hristovFixes for TH1/TH2 mismatch
2012-06-11 fcaMoving using namespace std; after all includes
2012-03-30 hristovChanges for #90436: Misuse of TClonesArray containing...
2012-01-05 richtermcommenting unused variable to fix compiler warning
2011-12-11 sgorbunocoverity 18019 fix
2011-11-28 richtermminor coverity defect: correcting argument of assignmen...
2011-11-22 richtermprohibiting copy constructor and assignment operator...
2011-11-12 aszostakOutput space too small by default.
2011-11-12 aszostakBug fix, 50 CTP classes not 49.