Major update of the HLT Hough transform and ITS tracking code. Hough transform tracks...
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / HLT / hough / AliL3HoughLinkDef.h
2005-03-31 cvetanMajor update of the HLT Hough transform and ITS trackin...
2004-06-04 rdmchange Darwin to macosx.
2004-03-30 loizidesMerged Cvetans RowHoughTransformer, Anders latest devel...
2004-02-25 loizidesAdded support for static libraries,
2004-02-02 loizidesMoved to the latest version of the HLT code in Bergen.
2003-07-27 loizidesMerged HLT tag v1-2 with ALIROOT tag v3-09-Release.
2003-01-22 vestboCommented class which is defined in Makefile
2002-08-26 vestboMade Constantins last checkin compile ;-)
2002-08-25 loizidesLittle changes to make g++ version 3.2 compile the...
2002-07-11 loizidesRemoved Clusterfinder class from link list.
2002-05-29 loizidesChanges done to include new ALiL3HoughTransformerVhdl.
2002-05-27 vestboMoved GetGoodParticles to alimacros
2002-04-25 vestboMade a new abstract base class; AliL3HoughBaseTransform...
2001-12-10 vestboChecking in latest changes.
2001-11-16 vestboMoved AliL3HoughTrack to hough
2001-11-13 vestboChanged name of merger
2001-10-25 vestboAdded function GetGoodParticles
2001-07-26 vestboAdded histoclass
2001-03-30 vestboUpdating changes before the weekend
2001-03-22 vestboThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...