Adding definitions for the fields of the lookup tables used in the dHLT analysis...
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / HLT / libAliHLTPHOS.pkg
2008-03-07 philleRemoved obsolete files
2008-02-20 philleblabalbal
2008-02-20 philleSvn sucks
2007-12-19 philleInlcuded new files in build system
2007-11-27 philleAdded new files to build system
2007-11-24 philleNaming convetnions
2007-11-24 philleRemoving obsolete files from build system
2007-11-23 philleRemoval of obsolete files from build system
2007-11-22 philleRemoved obsolete files from build system
2007-10-29 richterm- compined HLT/AliRoot build system adapted to phos...
2007-10-19 philleAdded two new base classes to alirot build system
2007-10-15 philleadded new files
2007-07-26 phille removed debug statement
2007-07-26 philleRadded files to build system after bug fix in rootcint...
2007-07-26 philleAll files removed because aliroot will not compile...
2007-07-17 philleBug fix, AliHLTPHOSPulsegnerator was sepcified under...
2007-07-15 philleadded new files to build system
2007-07-15 philleRemoving obsolete files from build system
2007-07-10 philleFix of incosistencis in libAliHLTPHOS.pkg file
2007-07-10 philleAdded new files to aliroot build system
2007-05-09 hristovAdding PHOS to EINCLUDE (Solaris x86)
2007-05-09 philleAdded new files
2007-05-05 philleAdded new files
2007-05-01 philleAdded new files to aliroot build system
2007-04-27 richtermHLT base
2007-02-26 philleadded new files
2007-02-09 philleadded new files
2007-02-05 philleAdded the class AliHLTPHOSFileWriter to the build system.
2007-02-01 hristovCorrected names of header files
2007-01-24 philleAdded to new container structures AliHLTPHOSRcuCellEner...
2007-01-22 philleRemoving blanks after \
2007-01-22 philleAdded AliHLTPHOSDefinitions.cxx and AliHLTPHOSDefiniti...
2007-01-17 philleChanges of naiming convention
2007-01-15 philleAdded HLT component files
2007-01-15 philleeveral new files were added after reorganization of...
2007-01-12 philleRemoved some entries due to some starnge behavior of...
2007-01-11 phillePHOS HLT libray file