Added AliL3Stopwatch.
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / HLT / misc / Makefile
2002-07-11 loizidesAdded AliL3Stopwatch.
2002-07-07 loizidesMore exact rounding function, but also much slower.
2002-07-04 loizidesChanges for fixed point class.
2002-07-02 loizidesMinor changes to make it work with new Top Makefile...
2002-07-02 vestboNew topdir makefile
2002-06-14 loizidesCreated cluster finder class that simulates the VHDL...
2002-05-01 vestboNew class AliL3DataHandler, for handling 8 bit data...
2002-04-18 loizidesRoot objects are compiled in lib_ROOT from now on.
2002-04-17 loizidesAdded AliL3AltroMemHandler.
2002-04-16 loizidesMinor changes to check for NOLOGGING env str
2002-04-16 vestboConversion table class for 10-8bit compression.