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Update to the current version in the Bergen CVS. Most important
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2003-11-18 loizidesAdded support for NEWIO, merged cern-hlt tree, updated...
2003-09-25 loizidesAdded Thomas Kuhr changes for datachallenge/aliroot...
2003-07-29 loizidesRemoved ASV version in AliL3FileHandler by another...
2003-07-27 loizidesMerged HLT tag v1-2 with ALIROOT tag v3-09-Release.
2003-01-17 vestboChanged definition of TOPDIR
2002-11-14 loizidesAdded deconvolution switch.
2002-10-15 vestboAdded entry for runtracker. Also some changes in order...
2002-10-15 vestboStandalone program for running the track finder.
2002-09-16 loizidesRows per patch are locally stored.
2002-09-05 loizidesLittle bugfixes for new alitroot version.
2002-09-03 loizidesLittle bugfix vor aliversion 3.08.
2002-07-11 loizidesCompiles now using top makefile.
2002-07-11 loizidesLittle changes, mostly cosmetic.
2002-07-11 loizidesAdded runhough.cxx.
2002-07-11 loizidesProgram to run hough transform standalone.
2002-07-08 loizidesProgram that converts from ali digits into l3 raw data...
2002-07-05 loizidesChanges to use AliL3Logger correctly in standalone...
2002-07-02 loizidesMinor changes to make it work with new Top Makefile...
2002-07-02 vestboNew topdir makefile
2002-06-14 loizidesSmall changes to run on single patches.
2002-06-14 loizidesSample program to run VHDL cluster finder.
2002-06-14 loizidesChanges to read also Altro like data.
2002-06-11 loizidesMakePileup moved from misc directoy to program directory.
2002-06-10 loizidesSolved bug forgetting to use AliL3MemHandler->Init...
2002-06-10 loizidesCheck consecutive rows.
2002-06-10 loizidesChanges for error calculation of Cluster Finder.
2002-06-06 loizidesMinor changes to use new AliL3ClusterFinder class.
2002-05-29 loizidesChanges done to make read work with new AliL3AltroMemHa...
2002-05-18 loizidesAddes gettransform.
2002-05-18 loizidesFirst checkin of program to extract parameters from...
2002-05-18 loizidesUse new Transformer.
2002-05-05 loizidesMinor corrections after big transformer changes
2002-04-26 vestboChanges as a result of making AliL3Transform static.
2002-04-18 loizidesMoved to Makefile.
2002-04-17 loizidesSample program showing howto read raw data and convert...
2002-04-17 loizidesRead program added
2002-04-16 loizidesMinor changes to check for NOLOGGING env str and solved...
2002-04-16 loizidesSample program for using the simple fast cluster finder.
2002-04-16 loizidesMakefile for small HLT programs created.
2002-04-16 vestboMoved from src