doing backward compatibility correctly
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / HLT / rec / AliRawReaderHLT.h
2008-03-10 richterm- bugfix: correct equipment ids for HLT ddl links
2008-02-22 richtermcorrect handling of equipment id selection implemented
2008-02-20 richtermcommon base class for HLT reconstruction classes and...
2008-02-19 richtermgetting rid of compilation warnings
2008-02-19 richterm- introduced module Ids for agents
2008-02-06 richtermhandling of HLTOUT data added; access to parent raw...
2008-01-29 richtermdocumentation and keyword substitution fixed
2008-01-26 richtermbugfix: get correct data header of parent reader
2008-01-25 richtermcorrections to get the forwarding of requests to the...
2008-01-24 richtermadded RawReader for HLT data