Default match should be 2
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / HLT / src / AliL3ClustFinderNew.cxx
2002-11-25 vestboDefault match should be 2
2002-08-25 loizidesLittle changes to make g++ version 3.2 compile the...
2002-06-14 loizidesSolved bug to not merge clusters on the same pad.
2002-06-07 loizidesChanges done to make the Cluser Finder calculate the...
2002-06-06 loizidesHave some new set functions. Remove deconv=true setting...
2002-05-26 loizidesSolved merge problem of last checkin.
2002-05-26 loizidesMinor changes to make tracking work with new Aliroot...
2002-05-05 loizidesCommented out cout in WriteClusters
2002-04-26 vestboMajor changes in the AliL3Transform class. The class...
2002-03-06 vestboChanges and optimization for pp-running
2002-02-18 vestboAdded the possibility to save the particle id's through...
2002-02-01 vestboChecking in for the weekend
2002-01-07 vestboAdded debugs
2001-12-10 vestboPossible to switch onoff deconv
2001-11-27 vestboAddons for html documentation
2001-08-21 vestboBugfix
2001-08-21 vestboAdded deconvolution
2001-08-17 vestboA new improved cluster finder