Get the Bfield from AliL3Transform
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2002-05-02 vestboAdded the magnetic field as a static member of the...
2002-05-01 vestboForgot to check in this the last time. Some changes...
2002-04-26 vestboMajor changes in the AliL3Transform class. The class...
2002-04-25 vestboCleaning up.
2002-04-24 vestboSome more comments.
2002-04-24 vestboSome more comments.
2002-04-20 loizidesAdded several GET-Functions, fixed bug in old config.
2002-04-19 loizidesAdded fZLength and fZOffset, fixed a few bugs in the...
2002-04-19 vestboInserted image on top.
2002-04-18 loizidesRoot objects are compiled in lib_ROOT from now on.
2002-04-18 loizidesAdded fVersion field to differentiate the old and new...
2002-04-18 vestboCleaned up some more in AliL3MemHandler, by removing...
2002-04-18 vestboChanged AliLevel3::Init to public, and this should...
2002-04-18 loizidesNot needed any more.
2002-04-18 loizidesAdded npatches to Init.
2002-04-18 vestboRemoved private member AliL3FileHandler::fTransformer...
2002-04-18 loizidesAdded new Init(char *pathname) function to read a...
2002-04-18 vestboLast cosmetic changes
2002-04-18 vestboMore cosmetic
2002-04-18 loizidesCosmetic changes for the integration of doxygen
2002-04-17 loizidesChanged documentation for doxygen.
2002-04-17 loizidesComments updated and merge problems solved.
2002-04-17 vestboComments formatted the way THtml likes it.
2002-04-17 vestboAdded more comments.
2002-04-16 loizidesMinor changes to check for NOLOGGING env str
2002-04-16 vestbomoving into programs
2002-04-16 vestboMore improved Makefile, setting logging paths, TOPDIR...
2002-04-15 vestboChanged Makefile and AliL3RootTypes.h in order to defin...
2002-04-09 vestboAdded capability of searching neighboring digits for...
2002-03-22 vestboChanged test in AliDigits2RootFile to check for charge...
2002-03-06 vestboAdded new function, fTracker->InitVolumes()
2002-03-06 vestboBugfix in CalculateHelix(). Kappa is given proper sign...
2002-03-06 vestboRemaining from previous co
2002-03-06 vestboChanges and optimization for pp-running
2002-02-18 vestboThe default should be not to save mcid
2002-02-18 vestboAdded the possibility to save the particle id's through...
2002-02-05 vestboCheck for lib directories
2002-02-01 vestboA little bugfix
2002-02-01 vestboMinor updates
2002-02-01 vestboChecking in for the weekend
2002-01-23 vestboNew makefile. Written by me, hence better
2002-01-23 vestboMakefile from aliroot. The one that was used before.
2002-01-23 vestboOnly 1 file
2002-01-21 vestboLoad digitstree only once
2002-01-18 vestboSmaller changes
2002-01-18 vestboAdded writeout path
2002-01-07 vestboChanged to normal bfield
2002-01-07 vestboAdded debugs
2001-12-10 vestboSmaller changes
2001-12-10 vestboPossible to switch onoff deconv
2001-12-10 vestboSmaller changes
2001-12-10 vestboAdding AliL3Fitter
2001-12-10 vestboCheck if track crosses more than one slice boundary...
2001-12-10 vestboRefitting tracks after tracking
2001-12-06 vestboMultimerge: When doing global merging, take the paramet...
2001-12-06 vestboMade it possible to use different cuts for nonvertex...
2001-12-06 vestboSome changes to make is possible to run several events...
2001-12-06 vestboAdded new function; GetClosest which calculates the...
2001-12-06 vestboBugfix. Use local method CheckTracks instead of derived...
2001-12-06 vestboGetting bfield from common file; AliL3Defs.h
2001-12-03 vestboPossible to read several events from same rootfile
2001-11-29 vestboAdded debug logging in SetPointers
2001-11-29 vestboDon't specify fEta to tracker
2001-11-29 vestboSame bugfix in raw2local
2001-11-28 vestboBugfix in raw2local
2001-11-27 vestboBugfix in DisplayTracks()
2001-11-27 vestboMoved classes
2001-11-27 vestboAddded possibilily to rotate track in AddTracks
2001-11-27 vestboBugfix in SetZ0, which is actually the first point
2001-11-27 vestboAddons for html documentation
2001-11-16 vestboBugfix in AddTracks
2001-11-16 vestboMade CalculateHelix virtual
2001-11-16 vestboAdded possibility for Hough use
2001-11-16 vestboMoved AliL3HoughTrack to hough
2001-11-16 vestboMoving classes to /hough
2001-11-13 vestboExtended Global2Local to include slice as input
2001-11-13 vestboMade UpdateRowPointer static
2001-11-13 vestboMade some changes in DefineGoodparticles; Allowing...
2001-11-13 vestboUpdates to aliroot V3.06
2001-11-13 vestboMade Compare() and Set virtual in AliL3Track and derive...
2001-11-13 vestboSome changes in AliDigits2RootFile
2001-11-01 vestboModified AddTracks. Should be backward compatible
2001-10-25 vestboChanged path to timm code
2001-10-23 vestboBugfix in GetEta(padrow,pad,time)
2001-10-23 vestboTimms code compatible again
2001-10-23 vestboBugfix in AliDigits2RootFile, and AliDigits2Memory
2001-10-12 vestboAdded function AliDigits2RootFile
2001-10-12 vestboAdded function UpdateRowPointer
2001-09-21 vestboChanged to 6 patches
2001-09-18 vestboAdded new funtion GetEta
2001-09-18 vestboAdded a static function GetCpuTime
2001-08-22 vestboUpdates in EvaluatePoints
2001-08-22 vestboOptimization
2001-08-21 vestboChanged to new clusterfinder
2001-08-21 vestboBugfix
2001-08-21 vestbobugfix
2001-08-21 vestboAdded new clusterfinder
2001-08-21 vestboAdded deconvolution
2001-08-20 vestboFixing rounding error in digitMC info
2001-08-17 vestboUpdates for AliROOT V3.05