Coding violation fixes.
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / HLT / src /
2005-04-19 cvetanCoding violation fixes.
2005-03-31 cvetanMajor update of the HLT Hough transform and ITS trackin...
2005-03-30 cvetanRemoved dependence on AliTPC.
2005-02-28 cvetanStandard l3transform.config added.
2005-02-14 hristovRemoving warnings. From now on they are considered...
2004-11-08 hristovRemoving meaningless type qualifier on return type...
2004-11-08 cvetancalculation of the paramters of the hough space. Optimi...
2004-10-09 loizidesChanges to integrate the MLUC libs from
2004-10-06 cvetanIntroduction of the online monitoring code into the...
2004-09-29 cvetanTime performance improvements in HLT hough transform...
2004-08-11 hristovCorrecting delete
2004-07-10 hristovAdditiona protection
2004-07-09 hristovTypo fixed
2004-07-09 hristovChange needed on HP and Alpha
2004-07-07 loizidesCoding violations.
2004-07-07 loizidesAdded header file.
2004-07-05 loizidesFixed warning.
2004-07-05 loizidesCoding conventions.
2004-07-05 loizidesUpdate to MLUC 0.4.4 which solves a bug connected to...
2004-07-02 loizidesAdded new class used in testbeam for converting the...
2004-07-02 loizidesCoding conventions.
2004-07-01 cvetanAdded check for min. of points on track when saving...
2004-07-01 cvetanSet values to zero in constructor. Added print function.
2004-06-30 loizidesCode violations.
2004-06-28 loizidesCoding violations.
2004-06-26 loizidesCoding conventions.
2004-06-20 hristovRemoving wrong inline
2004-06-18 loizidesCoding violations.
2004-06-16 loizidesCode violations.
2004-06-15 loizidesCoding conventions.
2004-06-15 loizidesMerged with latest root.
2004-06-15 loizidesSet number of produced clusters to zero before looping...
2004-06-15 loizidesBugfix for calculation of cluster widths.
2004-06-11 loizidesCleaned up code for coding conventions.
2004-06-04 rdmchange Darwin to macosx.
2004-06-01 loizidesBugfix.
2004-06-01 loizidesHardended the reconstruction process, have flags for...
2004-06-01 loizidesHandle event TPC event. Just return proper number of...
2004-06-01 loizidesAdded note if file size == 0.
2004-05-28 loizidesClean up of memory hole.
2004-05-28 loizidesAdded two pass tracking for confmapper.
2004-05-26 loizidesBugfix for missing include.
2004-05-24 cvetanAdded a method which loads TPC parameters in AliL3Trans...
2004-05-19 cvetanFix for memory leak in fClusters
2004-05-19 hristovRemoving warnings (gcc)
2004-05-19 cvetanLess verbose output for file and memory handlers
2004-05-19 cvetanWrong CVS merging corrected
2004-05-18 loizidesFixed to memory leaks (Thomas Kuhr).
2004-05-14 cvetanRemove some debug information for HLT PID calculations
2004-05-14 loizidesAdded AliL3Log.h
2004-05-14 loizidesReduced logging in Reconstrucion.
2004-05-12 loizidesSolved warning.
2004-05-12 cvetanSmall bugfixes fur runloader.
2004-05-12 loizidesMerged Bergen, mergen Cvetan TransformerRow and
2004-05-12 loizidesAdded missing files and defines, compilation should...
2004-05-11 loizidesInverted Feds commit.
2004-05-10 hristovRemoving warnings (gcc)
2004-05-10 hristovCompilation on Alpha
2004-05-10 hristovCompilation on Sun
2004-05-07 alibraryModifications for Mac
2004-05-07 hristovRemoving obsolete files
2004-05-06 loizidesadded pkg files.
2004-03-30 loizidesMerged Cvetans RowHoughTransformer, Anders latest devel...
2004-02-25 loizidesAdded support for static libraries,
2004-02-02 loizidesMoved to the latest version of the HLT code in Bergen.
2004-01-21 loizidesUpdate to the current version in the Bergen CVS. Most...
2003-11-25 loizidesMoved to head of today, added support for DC, support...
2003-11-18 loizidesAdded support for NEWIO, merged cern-hlt tree, updated...
2003-09-25 loizidesAdded Thomas Kuhr changes for datachallenge/aliroot...
2003-09-22 loizidesMoved to hlt-cern branch, containing fixes since August...
2003-08-04 loizidesMoved to head version of HLT, main difference to v1...
2003-07-29 loizidesBugfix in AliL3Transformer Sin/Cos tables. Rotation...
2003-07-29 loizidesRemoved ASV version in AliL3FileHandler by another...
2003-07-27 loizidesMerged HLT tag v1-2 with ALIROOT tag v3-09-Release.
2003-01-22 vestboBugfix after last checkin
2003-01-21 vestboUpdated function EvaluatePoints.
2003-01-21 vestboRemoved obsolute lines
2003-01-17 vestboChanged definition of TOPDIR
2003-01-16 vestboAdded function Deg2Raw
2002-11-25 vestboSmaller changes. A few lines in order to make filling...
2002-11-25 vestboChanges so that one can read slice by slice also from
2002-11-25 vestboSmall bugfix in InitSector
2002-11-25 vestboDefault match should be 2
2002-11-25 vestboSmall bugfix in CalculateEgdePoint
2002-11-25 vestboUpdates to make it work
2002-11-25 vestboAlso write errors to textfile
2002-11-15 vestboBugfix in GetEta(raw coordinates); needs slice.
2002-11-13 loizidesCosmetics.
2002-11-12 vestboNew function AliAltroDigits2Memory. This function remov...
2002-11-12 vestboCan specify patch=-1, this means all numbers will be...
2002-11-08 vestboSevere bugfix in Memory2CompMemory. Actually this bug...
2002-10-28 vestboRemoved a lot of code, and some changes. Basically...
2002-10-22 vestboBugfix in AliPoints2Memory
2002-10-22 vestboMinor changes in AliDigits2RootFile
2002-10-17 vestboCheck for ADC saturation in AliDigits2Memory.
2002-10-16 vestboBugfix in Init.
2002-10-16 vestboAdded ADC saturation in AliL3Transform.
2002-10-14 vestboBugfix in AliPoints2Memory
2002-10-14 vestboCommented out fInterMerger
2002-10-03 vestboAdded a few more explaining lines in class description.