In AliMUONClusterInfo:
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / HLT /
2009-04-22 sgorbunoupdate
2009-04-22 sgorbunoupdate
2009-04-21 sgorbunocompilation error fixed by Matthias
2009-04-21 sgorbunocorrection of the magnetic field scale
2009-04-21 hristovUpdated list of files
2009-04-18 sgorbunochange of copyright notice
2009-04-17 sgorbunoAliHLTTPCCAUsedHitInitialiser removed from the compilat...
2009-04-17 sgorbunoadds to the compilation
2009-04-17 sgorbunoarray class from Matthias
2009-04-17 sgorbunochanges from Matthias
2009-04-16 richtermupdate by Theodor
2009-04-14 sgorbunosome histos added for TPC clusters
2009-04-14 sgorbunobug fix - a scale factor for the magnetic field added
2009-04-14 sgorbunounsigned -> unsigned int
2009-04-13 sgorbunocosmetical changes
2009-04-13 sgorbunoFit mathematics improved, obsollete GBTracker cleaned up
2009-04-09 sgorbunoold code removed
2009-04-09 sgorbunoupdate
2009-04-08 abercucifollow major TRD reconstruction update
2009-04-07 sgorbunobug fix
2009-04-07 sgorbunoboundaries for grid creation corrected
2009-04-07 hristovUpdated list of files (cmake)
2009-04-06 sgorbunobug fix
2009-04-06 hristovUpdated list of files (cmake)
2009-04-03 sgorbunoAliHLTTPCCAGlobalMergerComponent added to compilation
2009-04-03 sgorbunobug fix
2009-04-03 sgorbunoTPC CA Global Merger component added
2009-04-01 jthaederAdded Jet DataType "kAliHLTDataTypeJet"
2009-04-01 jthaederAdd new classes for the jet cone finder
2009-04-01 hristovReplacement of TVector2 object with two doubles
2009-04-01 hristovNew LinkDef (cmake)
2009-04-01 richtermcorrecting memory leak: proper cleanup of cluster array...
2009-03-31 abercucistore pt in the tracklet instead of momentum
2009-03-31 hristovUpdated list of classes
2009-03-31 hristovUpdated list of files
2009-03-31 sgorbunoAliHLTTPCCAMerger.cxx added to compilation
2009-03-31 sgorbunoCA track merger class added
2009-03-31 hristovReplacement of AliMpIntPair object with algoritmic
2009-03-29 kaamodtKelly:
2009-03-29 hristovUpdated list of classes (cmake)
2009-03-28 hristovUpdated lists of files (cmake)
2009-03-25 sgorbunochange of the cdb entry name
2009-03-25 sgorbunoThe component path in CDB changed - probably it was...
2009-03-25 sgorbunoTotal amount of used memory has been optimised
2009-03-25 sgorbunoAliHLTTPCCATracklet.h added to compilation
2009-03-25 sgorbunoUpdate of the CA tracker
2009-03-24 odjuvsla fixing coding violations
2009-03-24 richtermincluding libAliHLTJET library into HLT build system
2009-03-24 jthaederAdded new function to get index of current particle
2009-03-24 richtermcorrecting compilation warnings and a typo so far witho...
2009-03-24 richtermmaking the HLT build system working again: adding libXM...
2009-03-23 jthaeder* Added HLT classes for Jet reader and Jet reader header
2009-03-23 jthaeder* Update of on-line MC event
2009-03-20 aszostakFixing comments to get rid of coding violations.
2009-03-20 jthaederupdated macro
2009-03-20 jthaederAdded HLT MC event, as AliMCEvent can not used as container
2009-03-19 abercucifix broken compilation
2009-03-17 jthaeder- Add ITS clusterfinder for SPD and SSD (Gaute)
2009-03-17 jthaederadd light version of JET to cmake compile, to add:...
2009-03-17 jthaederupdate of jet macros
2009-03-17 jthaederfix warnings
2009-03-16 hristovRestored compilation with CMake. The administrators...
2009-03-16 aszostakBug fix. Incorrectly calculating strip position.
2009-03-16 jthaederfix of warnings
2009-03-15 odjuvslafixing coding violations
2009-03-11 jthaederbugfix
2009-03-11 richtermHLT TRD update by Konstantin
2009-03-11 jthaederremove JET from HLT build process
2009-03-11 jthaederenable compilation with fastjet in HLT, not checked...
2009-03-11 jthaederFirst Checkin for JET library in the HLT
2009-03-10 jthaederenable reading of events generated by FastSim
2009-03-09 sgorbunobug fixed
2009-03-09 aszostakAdding an extra AddSymbol method for convenience.
2009-03-09 sgorbunoUpdate of the HLT CA tracker
2009-03-06 richtermcorrecting error message 'aborting' -> 'skipping'
2009-03-05 aszostakRemoving warning from compilation.
2009-03-04 jthaederfix warning for gcc 4.3.2
2009-03-04 abercuciupdate for changes in the TRD reconstruction
2009-03-04 aszostakdding default trigger description and trigger domain...
2009-03-03 richtermremoving temporary workaround for circular dependency...
2009-03-03 richtermkeep the DeInit loop going if an error occured in one...
2009-03-02 hristov- Move to the new attaching cluster to tracklet procedu...
2009-02-27 aszostakChanging TriggerEvent method interface to return error...
2009-02-27 aszostakCorrectly adding subdirectory so that unit tests for...
2009-02-27 aszostakMinor bug fix: GetOutputDataTypes was calling the wrong...
2009-02-26 aszostakAdding Empty method to readout list to check if it...
2009-02-25 hristovMajor update for the TRD tracking code
2009-02-25 aszostakRemoving + operator which was a synonym for the | opera...
2009-02-17 richtermCleaning up deprecated references to AliTRDdataArrayF...
2009-02-09 hristovExtacting the OCDB in a separate module. The detectors...
2009-02-04 richtermusing the common units for the magnetic fields in TPCSl...
2009-02-02 fcaChanged AliRunLoader::GetRunLoader() into AliRunLoader...
2009-02-01 fcaThe present commit corresponds to an important change...
2009-01-29 aszostakAdding extra options to the hit reconstructor component...
2009-01-28 aszostakAdding extra protection code to prevent seg-faults...
2009-01-26 kaamodtBugfix, comparison of string -sorted was not correct.
2009-01-24 richtermtemporary disable unit test of AliRawReaderHLT due...
2009-01-23 aszostakBug fix. Filling in chamber ID and detection element...
2009-01-23 sgorbunoReconfigure() method added
2009-01-22 sgorbunoupdate