new class for PbPb cut analysis
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2010-11-11 slindalSet back hack that ignored errors, will be problem...
2010-11-10 aszostakFix for infinite loop.
2010-11-10 slindalbugfix: no more segfaults on histos from emcal
2010-11-10 slindalRemove fit of gaussian on inv mass histogram
2010-11-10 richtermadding component for object re-compression
2010-11-10 richtermskipping to unpck objects by default for better perform...
2010-11-09 richtermadding a random time offset for the pushback period...
2010-11-09 richtermusing now the specification provided by the base class
2010-11-09 richterm- memory leak fixed, created histograms were not deleted
2010-11-09 jthaederfix warning
2010-11-09 kkanaki- changed histogram ranges and plotting options
2010-11-09 kkanaki- added the option to read a file or a chunk from the...
2010-11-09 aszostakAdding macro to find HLT triggered events in raw data.
2010-11-09 kkanaki- updated AliRoot and ROOT version to be used on the...
2010-11-09 kkanaki- added protection against null pointers
2010-11-09 richtermminor update in macro documentation
2010-11-08 slindalUpdated tpc track to 5cm from 0, 0, z
2010-11-08 slindalchanged histo binning
2010-11-08 slindalAdded color bins to tracks
2010-11-08 slindalUpdated track histograms
2010-11-08 odjuvsla- adding the use of the histogram merger
2010-11-08 odjuvsla- adding histogram merger to build system
2010-11-08 odjuvsla- adding class for merging histograms from different...
2010-11-07 slindalAdded QA histo prod
2010-11-07 sgorbunocleanup of the code
2010-11-07 slindalUse TList::Delete instead of TList::Clear()
2010-11-07 jthaederAdd time delay to Info
2010-11-07 jthaederenable and disable detectors
2010-11-07 kkanaki- activated the DCAr, DCAz as calculated during the...
2010-11-07 jthaederAdd ITS inner clusters
2010-11-07 jthaederAdd HLTInfo for multiplicty
2010-11-07 sgorbunoextention of the functionality: TLists can be merged now
2010-11-07 slindalDraw spd mult histogram in viewer
2010-11-06 richtermadjusting output size estimator: input multiplier set...
2010-11-06 jthaederAdd output of VZERO reco directly to multCorr
2010-11-06 slindaladding Multcorr processors
2010-11-06 slindalAddeing MultCorr processors
2010-11-06 slindalUse local geom from emcal
2010-11-06 slindalupdate classdef value
2010-11-06 slindalfrom Sergey: update track drawing, reset canvas counter
2010-11-06 slindalUdated global hist canvas
2010-11-06 slindalmade homer block desc pointers non-transient
2010-11-06 jthaederset name to plot list
2010-11-06 jthaederadd SPD to plots
2010-11-06 richtermreverting r45104, it causes wrong assignment to AliESDt...
2010-11-06 sgorbunolast fit iteration removed, because it used non-accurat...
2010-11-05 kkanaki- remove unused variable nr_contributorsOff
2010-11-05 slindalFrom Sergey: fix esd track display
2010-11-05 fronchetusing offline row-col based geometry and misalignment...
2010-11-05 slindalbugfix: emcal cell indexes were switched in call to...
2010-11-05 sgorbunorestore TPCinner parameters after calculating DCA values
2010-11-05 richtermbugfix: implementing function SendMLFromDet added as...
2010-11-05 kkanaki- macro and script for plotting offline and HLT distrib...
2010-11-05 sgorbunochange beamebergy value due to changes in AliZDCRecoPar...
2010-11-05 sgorbunodelete digitsTree insteadof Reset()
2010-11-05 sgorbunodelete the temporary tree of clusters instead of Reset().
2010-11-04 sgorbunobeam type and energy is set explicitly
2010-11-04 kkanaki- removed some histograms, namely (also for HLT) as...
2010-11-04 slindalFixed bug retuning wrong event id
2010-11-04 slindalreturning correct event id from homer manager
2010-11-04 odjuvsla- bug fix
2010-11-04 slindalUpdated histogram processing
2010-11-04 slindalUpated calo class to use clustes from ESD
2010-11-04 richtermskipping publishing if there was no new event added...
2010-11-04 richtermbugfix: correcting the data type of the published histo...
2010-11-04 richtermtwo bugfixes:
2010-11-03 odjuvsla- processing of PHOS and/or EMCAL configurable
2010-11-03 odjuvsla- adding E_t - V0 correlations
2010-11-03 kkanaki- minor fix in a function call
2010-11-03 kkanaki- implementation of tree with UPC related variables
2010-11-03 richtermbugfix: filling was skipped by default, revert logic
2010-11-03 jthaeder- Add loading of GeomManager
2010-11-03 richtermbugfix: correcting calculation of publishing interval
2010-11-03 odjuvsla- adding total Et and Et/ZDC correlation histograms...
2010-11-03 odjuvsla- temporary fix for an issue related to getting the...
2010-11-03 kkanaki- reset the V0 variables in ResetCount()
2010-11-02 jthaederadd Correlations to compilation
2010-11-02 jthaeder- Add new class for multiplicity correlations
2010-11-02 jthaederUpdate track cuts
2010-11-02 kkanaki- plotting macro for handling the output histograms...
2010-11-02 sgorbuno- dNdPtAnalysisMerger component added. It merges output...
2010-11-02 kkanaki- fix for setting the drawing option of the histograms...
2010-11-02 sgorbunooutput added for dNdPt analysis component
2010-11-02 sgorbunoconfiguration object for HLT dNdPt analysis added
2010-11-02 kkanaki- bug fix for allowing the definition of histogram...
2010-11-01 aszostakFix for printing at EOD.
2010-11-01 aszostakMinor fix for software triggers.
2010-11-01 aszostakFixing bug
2010-11-01 aszostakFix for bug
2010-11-01 aszostakMoving readout list masking to global component to...
2010-11-01 kkanaki- removed ITS and TPC tasks (not implemented)
2010-11-01 kkanaki- fix compilation warnings
2010-11-01 richtermupdate the automatic linkdef to handle classes implemen...
2010-11-01 richtermdo not generate trigger decision for SOR/EOR
2010-11-01 slindalCosmetics. Fixed bug preventing creation of async block...
2010-10-31 kkanaki- set properties for AliHLTV0HistoComponent.h
2010-10-31 kkanaki- add line for properties to appear
2010-10-31 kkanaki- correct the OCDB path in the Reconfigure method
2010-10-31 kkanaki- reset the number of V0s
2010-10-31 sgorbunounnecessary library dependence removed