EMCAL geometry can be created independently form anything now
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / HLT /
2007-01-22 philleFirst working implementation of the online cell energy...
2007-01-22 philleRemoving blanks after \
2007-01-22 philleAdded AliHLTPHOSDefinitions.cxx and AliHLTPHOSDefiniti...
2007-01-22 philleStarted the implemetation of the online analysis
2007-01-20 philleAdded additional neccessary libraries
2007-01-19 philleremoved debugg message when calling default constructor
2007-01-19 philleminor changes
2007-01-19 philledeleted debug messages when calling main constructor
2007-01-19 philledeleted some obsolete code
2007-01-19 philleStarted the implementation of the online monitoring
2007-01-19 phillescript to create PHOS HLT configuration
2007-01-19 phillescript to start the TM GUI
2007-01-19 phillexml configuration file for PHOS HLT
2007-01-19 phillemoving to the script directory
2007-01-19 philleMoving to the script directory
2007-01-19 philleScript to start the PHOS/HLT graphical user interface
2007-01-19 phillexml file example for creation of HLT/PHOS taskmanger...
2007-01-19 philleExample script on how to create a PHOS HLT Taskmanager...
2007-01-19 richterm- AliHLTFileWriter added
2007-01-19 richtermminor fix in function definition; missing header files...
2007-01-19 philleChange of naiming convention
2007-01-18 philleRemoving old files
2007-01-17 philleAdded source code to the hrml documentation
2007-01-17 philleAdded source code to the html documentation
2007-01-17 hristovFixed assignment operator
2007-01-17 philleNew html documentation
2007-01-17 philleRemoving obsolete documentation
2007-01-17 philleemoving obsolete documentation
2007-01-17 philleBasic functionality of the HLT components is achieved...
2007-01-17 philleChanges of naiming convention
2007-01-17 philleBug fixes
2007-01-17 philleChange of naming convention from Analyzer to RawAnalyse...
2007-01-16 richterm- adapted stand-alone bild system to the new libXMLIO...
2007-01-15 alibraryInserting TMath.h where required by the new version...
2007-01-15 phillePreliminary implementation of PHOS HLT modules
2007-01-15 philleMinor changes
2007-01-15 philleNew html documentation
2007-01-15 philleNew HTML documentation
2007-01-15 philleAdded HLT component files
2007-01-15 philleRemoving obslolete documentation
2007-01-15 philleDeleting obsolete html documentatio
2007-01-15 philleChange of class names of other classes required modific...
2007-01-15 hristovBug fix
2007-01-15 philleMajor reorganization of the class structure
2007-01-15 philleeveral new files were added after reorganization of...
2007-01-12 philleadded link to class AliHLTFilePublisher
2007-01-12 philleminor changes
2007-01-12 philleMinor changes
2007-01-12 philleInclusion of AliHLTPHOSPeakfinder and AliHLTRawAnalyzer...
2007-01-12 philleRemoved some entries due to some starnge behavior of...
2007-01-11 philleStruggeling with CVS again
2007-01-11 philleMinor modifications
2007-01-11 phillePHOS HLT libray file
2007-01-11 philleRemoval of obsolete files
2007-01-11 philleRemoval of obsolete files
2007-01-11 philleDeleted obsolete files
2007-01-11 philleThe AliHLTPHOSPeakfinder class was made as a derived...
2007-01-11 phillenew html documentation
2007-01-11 philleNew html documenation
2007-01-11 philleDeleting odle documentation files to create new ones
2007-01-11 philleDeleting html doc to creat a new one
2007-01-11 philleInclusion of several new files. The Peakfinder class...
2007-01-05 richtermcorrections from previous commit
2007-01-05 richterm- changes according to coding conventions and documentation
2007-01-05 richterm- implementation dependence on HAVE_TPC_MAPPING fixed...
2006-12-28 richtermchanges according to coding conventions
2006-12-22 hristovUsing the same options for all the libraries
2006-12-22 hristovNew HLT libraries (Matthias)
2006-12-22 hristovCompilation on Mac
2006-12-22 hristovstrings.h included (Solaris x86)
2006-12-21 richtermcommit from Jochen
2006-12-21 hristovHLT hit's reconstruction included in the reconstruction...
2006-12-21 hristovHLT hit's reconstruction: online version (Indra)
2006-12-21 hristovThis class reads rawdata for MUON detector and produces
2006-12-21 hristovMUON HLT LUT data (Indra)
2006-12-18 cvetanRelate HLT tracks to the primary vertex (Youri)
2006-12-18 cvetanBugfix (Youri)
2006-12-14 richtermbugfix for missing global variable AliHLTTPC::fgDoVerte...
2006-12-12 richterm- use_newio switch removed from libAliHLTTPC, always...
2006-12-03 richtermadded missing file acinclude.m4 from previous commit
2006-12-03 richterm- integration of libHLTbase into AliRoot prepared
2006-12-01 richterm- setup scripts for running environment added
2006-12-01 hristovAdding the missing lib*.pkg files
2006-12-01 hristovDo not ignore lib*.pkg files
2006-11-30 hristovL3 becomes HLT
2006-11-29 hristovCorrected include
2006-11-27 hristovUsing assert in a way compatible with Root v5-13-06
2006-11-19 richterm- from Nov 1st on, libSTEER needs ROOT libTreePlayer...
2006-11-16 richterm- added TPCLib to doxygen docu, code corrections accord...
2006-11-16 richterm- package adapted to new HOMER version
2006-11-08 richterm- configure adapted to the new directory structure...
2006-10-12 richterm- added the PHOS library to the autotools configuration
2006-10-06 szostakAlso dropping references to AliMUONTriggerCircuit which...
2006-10-06 richtermextensions in AliHLTTPCDisplay
2006-10-05 szostakDropping references to AliMUONLocalTrigger which are...
2006-09-26 szostakRemoving warnings related to -Weffc++ flag.
2006-09-20 richtermminor corrections and extensions in documentation files
2006-09-19 richterm- made package capable of handling the libCDB library...
2006-09-13 richterm- ChangeLog updated
2006-09-13 richterm- version HLT-v0-4 ready