AliMC::BeginEvent gets run number from CDB manager
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / HLT /
2007-11-15 richtermconvert pragma error to warning and default to little...
2007-11-15 szostakGetting rid of warnings about hidden virtual methods.
2007-11-15 szostakMoved some typedefs to AliHLTDataTypes.h for common...
2007-11-15 richtermset version no of data type header file
2007-11-15 richtermcoding conventions
2007-11-15 richtermallow NULL pointer arguments in SetDataType
2007-11-15 richtermadded float/double/signed HLT basic data types
2007-11-15 richtermadded RAW data type defines; minor correction of incons...
2007-11-14 szostakFixing coding violations and getting rid of warnings.
2007-11-14 szostakThe DumpEvent methods should be protected, not private...
2007-11-14 szostakThe GetEvent methods should be protected, not private...
2007-11-14 szostakThe DoEvent methods should be protected, not private...
2007-11-14 szostakMinor changes to make this macro work under HEAD.
2007-11-13 richtermimplement block forwarding
2007-11-13 richtermBlockFilter component added; minor corrections
2007-11-13 richtermmade general utility methods and struct initializers...
2007-11-09 richtermreconstruction on simulated raw data added
2007-11-09 richtermenhanced functionality to publish multiple equipment...
2007-11-09 richtermcoding conventions
2007-11-09 richtermbubgfix: skip configurations fram agent if config file...
2007-11-09 richtermbugfix: wrong pointers used when writing multiple blocks
2007-11-08 richtermadded sample macros for TPC Conformal mapping tracker...
2007-11-08 richtermbugfix to evaluate version of TPCDisplay library
2007-11-08 richtermimported version 1.5.3: cope with new library dependenc...
2007-11-08 richtermimported version 1.5.1: cope with new library dependencies
2007-11-08 richtermimported version 1.5
2007-11-08 richtermimported HLT TPC Gui 0.2 from external repository
2007-11-07 richtermfix a stupid mistake from previous commit
2007-11-07 richtermfilter out some of the -D flags as rootcint has a limit...
2007-11-07 richtermfilter out some of the -D flags as rootcint has a limit...
2007-11-07 richtermbugfix: crash when receiving a DDL List block
2007-11-07 szostakGetting rid of coding violations as best I can.
2007-11-06 richtermcoding conventions (Oystein/Per Thomas)
2007-11-06 richtermHLT TPC Conformal mapping tracker running in AliRoot
2007-11-06 richterm- bugfix AliHLTDataBuffer: size of buffer descriptor...
2007-11-06 alibraryIgnoring smell subdet
2007-11-02 richtermbugfix: SliceTracker handles only input blocks of known...
2007-11-02 richtermcode cleanup, coding rules, eff C++
2007-11-02 richtermcorrect handling of multiple output data types
2007-11-02 hristovProtection if the compiler is not gcc
2007-11-02 hristovAdding Solaris with CC
2007-11-02 hristovUnused array commented out
2007-11-02 hristovProvide return value if the function is not void
2007-11-01 richtermbugfix: MAXHOSTNAMELEN not defined on macosx -> general fix
2007-11-01 richtermbugfix: dynamic_cast caused undefined symbol; sequence...
2007-10-31 richtermcorrection in usage example
2007-10-30 richterm- HOMER library manager completed
2007-10-30 richtermbugfix: modules can be disabled manually
2007-10-30 richtermenabled automatic LinkDef generation
2007-10-30 richtermadded agent for AliHLTComp library
2007-10-29 richtermadded framework for libAliHLTComp
2007-10-29 richtermadded HLTOUT treatment for HLTReconstruction
2007-10-29 richtermminor corrections for consitent header files
2007-10-29 richtermfurther work on HLTOUT component;CDH and HLT OUT Event...
2007-10-29 richterm- compined HLT/AliRoot build system adapted to phos...
2007-10-29 richtermmacro added: library checks specific to each HLT module
2007-10-28 richtermsolve new dependencies of libSTEER (libProofPlayer...
2007-10-26 mploskonFix: OCDB init moved from constructor to DoInit function.
2007-10-25 richtermbugfix: crash at component cleanup fixed
2007-10-24 cvetanFix from Andrea
2007-10-23 richtermfix linking problem
2007-10-23 richtermadded libAliHLTHOMER dynamic manager
2007-10-23 richtermfurther work on HLTOUT treatment
2007-10-23 richtermenhanced HOMER reader to work on normal buffer
2007-10-23 richtermclasses renamed to follow coding conventions
2007-10-19 richtermfurther work on HLTOUT framework
2007-10-19 richtermenhanced HLT build system: EINCLUDE from pkg definition...
2007-10-19 richtermcoding conventions and compilation warnings
2007-10-19 richtermfix in HLT build system: TRD link def added to package...
2007-10-19 philleAdded two new base classes to alirot build system
2007-10-19 richtermminor documentation changes
2007-10-19 richtermremove libAliHLTPHOS from the list of default libraries
2007-10-18 szostakGetting rid of effC++ warnings about missing copy const...
2007-10-18 richtermfirst sketch of the HLTOUT handler
2007-10-18 richtermcode cleanup and coding conventions
2007-10-18 richtermHLT build system fix
2007-10-18 richtermcoding conventions
2007-10-17 richtermfix for disabled hough tracking code
2007-10-17 richtermfix for 64bit architectures after last commit
2007-10-17 richtermremoved friend dependencies in AliHLTDataBuffer::AliHLT...
2007-10-17 richtermget rid of warning in HLT build system after exluding...
2007-10-17 richtermHLT build system fix
2007-10-17 richtermHough tracking temporarily disabled; legacy files removed
2007-10-17 richtermbugfix: dictionary generation
2007-10-17 richtermAliHLTConfiguration.cxx splitted to comply with coding...
2007-10-16 mploskonCalibration component - beta implementation of AliHLTCa...
2007-10-16 richtermdocumentation, formatting, coding conventions
2007-10-16 richtermcorrected copy and paste typo
2007-10-16 richtermtemporary fix for missing error code on mac
2007-10-16 richtermAliLog handler moved to libHLTrec, minor cleanup in...
2007-10-16 richtermmoved from BASE/util
2007-10-16 richterm- implemented component registration via agents
2007-10-16 richterm- implemented component registration via agents
2007-10-15 philleAdded various files used for analysis of HLT output...
2007-10-15 philleIolated mip trigger for PHOS HLT
2007-10-15 philleMinor changes
2007-10-15 philleForgot this one
2007-10-15 philleadded new files
2007-10-15 philleImproved Online display, The Handle event function
2007-10-15 philleFEE configuration file