Added read support for Altro like data.
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / HLT /
2002-06-14 loizidesAdded read support for Altro like data.
2002-06-11 loizidesMakePileup moved from misc directoy to program directory.
2002-06-11 loizidesMakePileup moved to programs directory
2002-06-10 loizidesMake singlepatch work with new AliL3Transform.
2002-06-10 loizidesSolved bug forgetting to use AliL3MemHandler->Init...
2002-06-10 loizidesCheck consecutive rows.
2002-06-10 loizidesChanges for error calculation of Cluster Finder.
2002-06-07 loizidesChanges done to make the Cluser Finder calculate the...
2002-06-06 loizidesHave some new set functions. Remove deconv=true setting...
2002-06-06 loizidesMinor changes to use new AliL3ClusterFinder class.
2002-05-31 vestboSome changes in AliL3Hough::Evaluate. Comments have...
2002-05-31 vestboAdded getter GetNRows()
2002-05-31 vestboAdded a flag
2002-05-30 vestboBugfix in AliL3Hough::FindTrackCandidates; when track...
2002-05-30 vestboForgot this one last time...
2002-05-30 vestboLatest version
2002-05-30 loizidesChanges to make AliL3Compress work with new AliL3MemHan...
2002-05-29 loizidesAdded capability to handle backlinked list properly.
2002-05-29 loizidesChanges done to make read work with new AliL3AltroMemHa...
2002-05-29 vestboLatest version
2002-05-29 vestboMade display class work. Also added it to makefile.
2002-05-29 loizidesChanges done to include new ALiL3HoughTransformerVhdl.
2002-05-29 vestboMade it possible to read different and several events...
2002-05-28 vestboBugfix in AliL3FileHandler::GetDigitsTree.
2002-05-27 vestboBugfix in line 314; paranthes missing
2002-05-27 vestboMoved GetGoodParticles to alimacros
2002-05-27 vestboMoved some getters to AliL3MemHandler
2002-05-27 vestboSmaller changes
2002-05-27 vestboMade all AliL3FileHandler specific functions virtual...
2002-05-26 loizidesSolved merge problem of last checkin.
2002-05-26 loizidesMinor changes to make tracking work with new Aliroot...
2002-05-25 vestboBugfix
2002-05-25 vestboRenamed houghtest.C to runhough.C
2002-05-25 vestboSome minor changes in AliL3Hough
2002-05-25 vestboCan now use 8 bit data as input, by setting the apropriate
2002-05-24 loizidesRenamed macro test.C in runtracker.C
2002-05-24 vestboBugfix; Need Init(slice,patch)
2002-05-23 vestboAdded AliL3Evaluate in case compiling with AliROOT
2002-05-23 vestboExample macro how to run Hough.
2002-05-23 vestboSwitched on slow merging.
2002-05-23 vestboCleaning up. Made some changes in AliL3HoughMaxFinder...
2002-05-22 vestboBugfix from previos ci
2002-05-22 vestboDo not give *row to Init
2002-05-22 vestboDo not give *row to Init
2002-05-22 vestboFix in AliDigits2Memory. Do not remove single timebins...
2002-05-22 loizidesBField is now also read from configuration.
2002-05-22 loizidesChanged default path value to ".".
2002-05-22 loizidesIncorporated BFieldFactor from gAlice->Field()->Factor().
2002-05-22 vestboMacro that should lie in exa
2002-05-22 vestboMoving to static AliL3Transform.
2002-05-18 loizidesAddes gettransform.
2002-05-18 loizidesFirst checkin of program to extract parameters from...
2002-05-18 loizidesUse new Transformer.
2002-05-18 loizidesAdded comment line.
2002-05-09 vestboBugfix in GetPadPitchWidth(patch). return inner width...
2002-05-07 vestboSmall change in GetCrossingAngle.
2002-05-07 vestboBugfix in previous checkin.
2002-05-07 vestboAdded some gas and electronic parameters.
2002-05-07 vestboAdded some more datamembers, related to gas and electro...
2002-05-05 loizidesMinor corrections after big transformer changes
2002-05-05 loizidesCommented out cout in WriteClusters
2002-05-02 vestboForgot to remove #include in previous checkin
2002-05-02 vestboMoved all the constants from AliL3Defs.h to static...
2002-05-02 vestboGet the Bfield from AliL3Transform
2002-05-02 vestboAdded the magnetic field as a static member of the...
2002-05-01 vestboBugfix in GetMemorySize.
2002-05-01 vestboForgot to check in this the last time. Some changes...
2002-05-01 vestboNew class AliL3DataHandler, for handling 8 bit data...
2002-04-26 vestboChanges as a result of making AliL3Transform static.
2002-04-26 vestboMajor changes in the AliL3Transform class. The class...
2002-04-25 vestboCleaning up.
2002-04-25 vestboSome additional changes related to the previous changes...
2002-04-25 vestboMade a new abstract base class; AliL3HoughBaseTransform...
2002-04-24 vestboSome more comments.
2002-04-24 vestboSome more comments.
2002-04-23 vestboMoved from exa
2002-04-23 vestboMoved to misc
2002-04-23 vestboRemoving old scripts no longer used.
2002-04-20 vestboMore comments for documentation.
2002-04-20 loizidesAdded several GET-Functions, fixed bug in old config.
2002-04-19 loizidesAdded fZLength and fZOffset, fixed a few bugs in the...
2002-04-19 vestboInserted image on top.
2002-04-18 loizidesAdded new fields for new Transformer Object config
2002-04-18 loizidesAdded new Transformer Object.
2002-04-18 loizidesAdded class description comments.
2002-04-18 loizidesRoot objects are compiled in lib_ROOT from now on.
2002-04-18 loizidesAdded fVersion field to differentiate the old and new...
2002-04-18 vestboCleaned up some more in AliL3MemHandler, by removing...
2002-04-18 vestboChanged AliLevel3::Init to public, and this should...
2002-04-18 vestboLoading all present HLT libaries
2002-04-18 vestboIncorporated latest changes in AliLevel3 class.
2002-04-18 loizidesNot needed any more.
2002-04-18 loizidesMoved to Makefile.
2002-04-18 loizidesAdded npatches to Init.
2002-04-18 vestboRemoved private member AliL3FileHandler::fTransformer...
2002-04-18 loizidesAdded new Init(char *pathname) function to read a...
2002-04-18 vestboLast cosmetic changes
2002-04-18 vestboMore cosmetic
2002-04-18 loizidesCosmetic changes for the integration of doxygen
2002-04-17 loizidesChanged documentation for doxygen.