Update mini-task with big output flag and add current status macros
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / HLT /
2011-06-23 fronchetcoverity
2011-06-23 fronchetturned off HLTError into Debug
2011-06-23 sgorbuno2 histogramms added to the output
2011-06-22 fronchetmoving AliEMCALGeoUtils to AliEMCALGeometry
2011-06-22 fronchetchanging AliEMCALGeoUtils --> AliEMCALGeomery
2011-06-21 fronchetcoverity
2011-06-21 fronchetfixed compilation warning
2011-06-21 fronchetfixing coverity (index out of bounds)
2011-06-20 fronchetadded OCDB access to for calibration
2011-06-20 fronchetremoved unnecessary constants
2011-06-20 fronchetremoved unnecessary constants, added LG HG ratio
2011-06-16 richterm- adding data structure for raw clusters
2011-06-15 richtermimplementing selection by sector for cluster conversion...
2011-06-14 aszostakSuppress unnecessary message by default and change...
2011-06-14 richtermuse explicite cast from double to int
2011-06-14 richtermuse explicite cast from double to int
2011-06-12 aszostakChanging generation of log message to only generate...
2011-06-12 aszostakGetting rid of reference to AliHLTEventSummary and...
2011-06-12 aszostakBug fixes for type cast operator and schema rule. The...
2011-06-11 fronchetrefined memory mgmt in CheckBuffer()
2011-06-11 richtermadding new classes to build
2011-06-11 richtermadding initialization
2011-06-10 richtermadding new classes to compilation
2011-06-10 richtermadding helper class to keep track of unused space point...
2011-06-10 richtermsupport for the track geometry class added
2011-06-10 richtermadding a base class for track geometry/points descripti...
2011-06-10 kkanaki- fix documentation error
2011-06-09 fronchetchanged memory handling for recPointDataPtr
2011-06-08 fronchetreverting previous change
2011-06-08 fronchetremoved deletion of pointers in destructor
2011-06-08 richtermdevelopment version of the TPC track model data compres...
2011-06-08 richtermadding access interface for HLT TPC clusters to be...
2011-06-08 richterminitialize the HLTOUT instance already at Reconstruct...
2011-06-08 richtermadded support for HLTOUT instance of the current event
2011-06-07 kkanaki- updated documentation
2011-06-07 kkanaki- updated documentation
2011-06-07 richtermUsing common loading methods for CDB entries that take...
2011-06-07 richtermdeclaring functions const
2011-06-07 richtermreverting r50024, to be committed separately in order...
2011-06-06 aszostakUsing common loading methods for CDB entries that take...
2011-06-06 richtermaccess AliHLTTPCSpacePointData members through functions
2011-06-06 richtermmember access through functions
2011-06-06 richtermtypo corrected
2011-06-06 richtermusing constructor for initialization
2011-06-06 richtermintroducing standard contructor and some access functio...
2011-06-06 richtermremoving deprecated component
2011-06-06 richtermremoving deprecated linkdef file for HLT TPC library
2011-06-06 richtermcalculation of helix parameters and crossing points...
2011-06-06 richtermadding overloaded TObject::Draw: 2D cluster positions...
2011-06-06 richtermhandle option 'ignore-hltout' for reconstruction from...
2011-06-01 richtermadding a protection for zero charge causing arithmetic...
2011-05-31 sgorbunocoverity warnings fixed
2011-05-30 hristovInclude cstdio to declare printf
2011-05-28 fronchetchanged SM range, splitted plotting section
2011-05-28 sgorbunocoverity warning 16816 fixed
2011-05-28 sgorbunocoverity warning 16819 fixed
2011-05-28 sgorbunoforwarding MC labels added
2011-05-28 sgorbunofixes in MC labels,extra debug output
2011-05-25 sgorbunodebug output added
2011-05-25 sgorbunobug fix in treatment of MC labels
2011-05-25 fronchetcorrected histogram definitions
2011-05-25 sgorbunosuppress off-line finders ( vertex etc.)
2011-05-25 sgorbunoList of required OCDB objects copied from AliHLTTPCClus...
2011-05-25 sgorbunomove data members to private area
2011-05-25 sgorbunouse of global instance of AliTPCTransform object instea...
2011-05-25 sgorbunobug fix: 8 words were read outside the data buffer
2011-05-25 sgorbunoextra debug output added
2011-05-25 sgorbunofix of floating point exception in debug output
2011-05-24 richtermadded pointer protection after dynamic cast
2011-05-24 fronchetfixed clusters multiple counts
2011-05-23 fronchetmerged cluster and channel data
2011-05-23 fronchetadded access to cluster structures
2011-05-23 philleCoverity
2011-05-22 sgorbunoGPU tracker update
2011-05-20 sgorbunoEmulation of FPGA clusterfinder
2011-05-20 phillecoverity
2011-05-20 richtermcode cleanup, using type cast operators of AliDCSValue
2011-05-19 sgorbunodata structures for MC labels of TPC clusters are moved...
2011-05-18 sgorbunoremove obsolette code
2011-05-18 kkanaki- fixed the bug that prevented the HLT overlaid histogr...
2011-05-18 phillecoverity
2011-05-18 hristovClean-up of include files
2011-05-17 kkanaki- fixed a bug that didn't allow the overlaid histograms...
2011-05-17 kkanaki- implemented the logic that allows the macro to connec...
2011-05-17 kkanaki- improved documentation in the help printout function
2011-05-17 kkanaki- obsolete tasks with unknown state of implementation...
2011-05-17 kkanaki- added some more documentation about which macro is...
2011-05-17 kkanaki- modified the initialization of the cuts structure...
2011-05-17 philleCoverity
2011-05-15 sgorbunocoverity warning 15746 fixed
2011-05-09 sgorbunoemulation of the hardware clusterfinder added
2011-05-09 richtermusing safe string operations
2011-05-09 richtermadded pointer protection
2011-05-05 kkanaki- fix the the V0 centrality plot for Pb+Pb runs
2011-05-05 kkanaki- included the vertex z coordinate in the list of cuts...
2011-05-05 kkanaki- introduction of array of data structures for holding...
2011-05-04 slindalcoverity bug 15108
2011-05-04 sgorbunoprotection for division by 0
2011-05-04 richtermmoving AliHLTComponentBenchmark to HLTbase
2011-05-03 richtermfixing typo