[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / HMPID / AliHMPIDDigit.h
2011-12-14 gvolpeCoverity fixed
2009-08-11 dibariAdditions in QA (according to Yves) + improvements
2008-09-05 dibariCompatibility with new mapping to write raw data.
2008-05-20 dibariWarnings potentially serious in compilation fixed.
2008-04-07 dibariOptimized description of the Mathieson distribution...
2008-04-02 dibariCharge of the pad saturates at ADC of 12bits (range...
2008-03-26 dibariUpdated mapping according with last infos from P. Marti...
2008-03-04 dibariCoding violations fixed (first bunch!)
2008-02-21 hristovBug fix (Levente)
2008-02-15 dibariNew mapping in agreement with the new instructions...
2007-09-14 dibari- new class AliHMPIDCalib added for pedestal calculation
2007-08-31 dibariProtection for charge > 4095 ADC (LM)
2007-08-22 dibariTVirtualFitter in Cluster finding + derivatives analiti...
2007-06-05 dibariGeometry V2 updated with the final frames. Now completed.
2007-05-31 cvetanThe AliDCSSensor classes were recently upgraded to...
2007-05-16 kira bit cleaner code
2007-05-08 kirpreprocessor: pedestal files treatment
2007-05-08 kirassert also in raw->digit
2007-05-05 dibariPedestals in OCDB + minors
2007-04-20 dibariCoding violations
2007-04-03 dibariCoding Conventions (mail Fed Carm. Date: Fri, 30 Mar...
2007-03-27 dibariPattern recognition reorganized (for display,monitoring...)
2007-03-11 dibariBug in Hit2Sdig fixed+minors
2007-03-11 dibariCluster fitting improved
2007-03-02 kirHelix indeed removed from repository
2007-02-28 kirarea of Mathieson parametrized; hit ctor change eloss...
2007-02-26 dibariCluster improvements + drawing of digits like TBox.
2007-02-20 dibariCluster finding improved.
2006-12-15 kirBugs in clusterizing and recon fixed
2006-12-12 kirComics run analizer
2006-11-29 hristovBackward compatibility using typedef, removing some...
2006-11-29 hristovThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...