[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / HMPID / AliHMPIDPreprocessor.cxx
2010-02-19 gvolpeMinors
2010-02-18 gvolpeProtection added in the preprocessor
2010-02-11 gvolpenew method (ProcessNoiseMap) added , it saves a new...
2010-01-11 gvolpeFitting restored
2009-12-09 gvolpeFit in preprocessor removed
2009-08-18 gvolpeProtection in case of wrong wavelength values
2008-09-22 amastroscode revisited (DCS transparency data points)
2008-09-22 amastrosDCS transparency data points correctly loaded
2008-09-09 dibariAll Data Points protected in case no DP is present!
2008-09-09 dibariA protection if no Data Point is present
2008-08-21 dibariValidity for the run range is ok.
2008-08-19 dibariCode revisited after debugging. Optimization for functi...
2008-08-06 dibariMinors
2008-08-05 dibariProtection on the possibility to have just one data...
2008-07-14 dibariProtection against no valid abs pad number
2008-05-20 dibariWarnings potentially serious in compilation fixed.
2008-04-23 hristovBug fix: corrected file name (Levente)
2008-04-17 dibariProtection on missing pedestal files.
2008-04-16 dibariNew schema for pedestal files to be processed.
2008-04-15 dibariUserCut removed from OCDB (not more necessary). Now...
2008-03-18 dibariHV different for sectors in a chamber
2008-03-04 dibariCoding violations fixed (first bunch!)
2008-02-19 dibari-- in HMPIDda TPluginManager in order to write root...
2008-02-15 dibariChange accordingly to the new pedestal file format
2008-02-08 dibariCompatibility for modifications in other classes.
2008-01-21 dibariValues are stored for run (not forevever...)
2008-01-10 dibariModification for new development in raw data
2007-12-07 dibariAtmospheric pressure added as reference.
2007-12-07 dibariNew alias name for Pressure is fixed according with...
2007-11-19 dibariFlag properly set in Preprocessor
2007-10-25 dibariProtections added to avoid craches as indicated from...
2007-10-07 dibariQthre from preprocessor now is used in the code.
2007-10-03 dibariCheck on numbers in definitions of materials (QE,ref...
2007-09-14 dibari- new class AliHMPIDCalib added for pedestal calculation
2007-08-22 dibariTVirtualFitter in Cluster finding + derivatives analiti...
2007-08-09 dibariUserCut removed from simulated DCS+minors
2007-08-09 dibariBug in flag returned by Process (A.Colla)
2007-08-08 dibariNumber of DDLs are 2 (previously were forseen 4 DDLs)
2007-07-10 dibariNow pedestal files and User and Daq sigma cuts properly...
2007-06-08 dibariProtection on fit procedures if not enogh points from...
2007-06-06 dibariPedestal files read from Preprocessor are in .tar format
2007-05-08 kirbug in Preprocessor fixed: PadPcX->PadChX
2007-05-08 kirpreprocessor: pedestal files treatment
2007-05-05 dibariPedestals in OCDB + minors
2007-04-23 dibariCoding convention
2007-04-19 dibariBug in return code (L. Molnar)
2007-04-05 dibariIn agreement with instructions of mail
2007-03-07 kirCalib data usage reactivated for Nmean, thres is still...
2006-11-29 hristovThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...